Brazil Fan Gives Trophy and Congratulates German Fan

Brazil Fan

There’s been a picture going around the internet of a Brazil fan clutching his model version of the World Cup trophy, looking as if he’s about to cry, as he watches Brazil brutally lose to Germany in yesterday’s semi-final match 7-1. However, what’s not being attached to most of these pictures is another photo – a photo of the same Brazil fan giving the trophy to a German who, he reportedly told, while giving it to her (this is roughly translated, for the record), “Take it to  the final! As you can see, it is not easy, but you deserve it. Congratulations!” As is typical with the internet (and I’m totally guilty of it on this website, as well), people have been going for the cruel punchline of this Brazil fan crying about his team losing instead of writing about and commending his incredible sportsmanship, kindness, and selflessness.

If this story really is true (and the picture would indicate that it is), this is just yet another example of fans at the World Cup showing some very impressive behavior. Whether it’s Japanese fans picking up garbage after their match or Colombian fans still celebrating and cheering on their nation’s team after their loss to Brazil, the people from across the world have shown enthusiasm, joy, and, above all, class beyond anything I’ve seen from all other fans at typical sporting events.

I’m going to miss the World Cup when it’s over not because it’s such a great tournament that’s be been filled with some amazing games. However, I’ll also miss it just as much I love writing articles like this, stories about how people across the world, from nations that I’ve never been to before, can be amazing examples of how to act in life, true role models for all people around the globe.

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