Brandon Belt Hits a Home Run for Cancer Survivor

Brandon Belt Homer 2

Here’s a story that sounds like it’s straight out of a movie. Brandon Belt, first baseman for the San Francisco Giants (who was on a rehab assignment, playing for San Fran’s single-A minor league club – the San Jose Giants), promised 12-year-old cancer survivor Lyndsey Dworkin that he would hit a home run for her at the Giants game on Friday night, and that’s exactly what he did. Belt hit the homer to help lead the Giants to a 8-3 win over Visalia.

Brandon Belt has been out of the majors and on the disabled list since being hit by a pitch during a game on May 9 at Dodgers Stadium. The ball broke his thumb. He said that he felt an instant connection with Lyndsey when he met her, as they both were dealing health issues, albeit hers a little more extreme than his. Lyndsey, who loves sports and used to be a very prominent young soccer player, has been diagnosed with medullablastoma, a brain tumor

Belt did simply stop with hitting the home run for Lydnsey, however. He also gave her the home run, signing it with a message that reads, “To Lyndsey, my good luck charm.” Belt wants the whole Dworkin family to come to a Giants game at AT&T Park as soon as he returns from the disabled list. He’s reportedly already setting it up so that Lyndsey and her family can be down on the field for batting practice, allowing her to meet other Giants players as well.

Along with the home run that Brandon Belt hit for her, Lyndsey also got to enjoy a little shopping spree at the team store, courtesy of the Giants, and even though Lyndsey would consider herself more of a jock than a “girly girl,” the chance to shop was her favorite part of the night.

Here’s a picture of the home run ball that Belt hit:


Photos via San Jose Mercury News

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