Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Returns to Work 14 Months Later

Boston Marathon Survivor

Jeff Bauman, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing, which left him without both of his legs, finally returned to work this week after 14 months away. According to the Nashua Telegraph, the 28-year-old Bauman came back to work for the Nashua, New Hampshire, Costco store this week, 14 months after the bombings that took place on April 15, 2013.

Three people died during the Boston Marathon bombing and about 260 other individuals suffered injuries. Bauman, covered in ash and blood, was taken away from the area in a wheelchair by rescuers. Not long after the bombing, Bauman was able to help police identify who the bombers were by describing what one of the two brothers looked like. His injuries caused him to lose both of his legs above the knee.

Despite the drastic physical damage done to him, Bauman continues to keep a positive outlook on life. The photo used for this article (which shows Bauman back working at the Costco in Nashua and standing up thanks to his crutches) comes from Bauman’s Facebook page, “Jeff Bauman – Boston Strong, True Patriot and Hero.” The page posts pictures and gives updates on how Bauman has been doing since the bombing and serves a positive reinforcement to people who may be struggling with injuries that are similar to his.

Hopefully, others who were injured in the Boston Marathon bombing like Bauman have been or will soon be able to return to some sort of normalcy in their lives as well. No matter what, though, their courage and determination to keep moving forward and not give up is inspiring to us all.

Keep showing us what “Boston Strong” truly means, Jeff, and best of luck in your future.

Photo via Facebook

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