Bill Simmons Does Lamest Fist Pump Ever During the NBA Draft

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I’ll come out right and say it: Bill Simmons is kind of a tool. He’s not on Skip Bayless’s level of most hated sports analysts yet, but if more incidents like this and what he did last night during the NBA draft keep happening, Simmons may just start being competition for Bayless. Last night, after the Celtics chose their player in the NBA draft, the camera quickly panned over to Bill Simmons who started fist pumping before realizing that he shouldn’t show bias.

Now, I don’t even care so much about Simmons favoring the Celtics (plus, that shot over to him was obviously staged). What I do have to say is just how incredibly weak that fist pump Simmons did was. It was seriously the lamest fist pump ever. It looked like a deflated balloon. Yes, that’s what I’ll call it: The Deflated Balloon Fist Pump.

As I said earlier, this had to be staged. Simmons is a well-known Boston Celtics fans in the sports community, and it’s way too coincidental for the camera to just “happen” to pan over to him right after the Celtics made their draft pick. And so if it was staged, I have to ask: is that really the best fist pump Bill Simmons could do? Why not give it your all if it’s already all set up? But maybe that weak, side-armed swing is all Simmons has to offer when it comes to fist pumps, which would be sad but also fitting but for a guy like him. I can tell you this much, though: Simmons certainly isn’t Nick Miller.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

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