Bill Simmons Has an Awkward Moment with Sage Steele

Bill Simmons

“Well, that was an awkward.” That’s all I was left saying after watching this cringe-inducing clip from last night’s ESPN post-game coverage of Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Analyst Bill Simmons had an awkward moment with anchor Sage Steele, after feeling like he was being sidelined for much of the post-game discussion. “Do I get to speak now? It’s been like ten minutes,” he said to his fellow analysts.

Bill Simmons’ comments were met with quite a look of disgust from Sage Steele, who peered right into the camera after Simmons spoke and shook her head. It appeared as if she wanted to say something in response to Simmons but thought better of it. Although this is a very minor incident, Bill Simmons is no stranger to controversy. He has gotten in trouble with ESPN numerous times due to critical comments he has made over Twitter regarding a radio show in Boston and ESPN’s own program, First Take. Simmons has also butt heads with the network over over creative freedom and issues of censorship.

Honestly, without blowing this whole incident too out of portion, I can firmly say that what this clip ultimately shows us is that Bill Simmons is passive aggressive and whiny. Even if he did feel a little slighted by his fellow analysts during the post-game show, there’s absolutely no need to make a comment like that on live TV. All it does is make you look immature and petty, which to my knowledge are not two qualities that anyone is proud of.

If I had been sitting at that table with them, I would have been making the same exact face as Sage Steele. Only thing is that I’m not sure if I could have restrained myself from telling Simmons to shut up.

Watch the clip for yourself below and let us know what you think of Bill Simmons’ behavior.

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