Belgian Cartoonist Makes Awesome Picture Ahead of Argentina Game

Belgian Cartoonist

What’s the best way to scare your opponents? Well, how about one of your team’s best players and mash him together with the Hulkamania logo and Junkyard Dog? That’s what it looks like this Belgian cartoonist did when he made some slight changes to Belgium’s Lukaku in this amazing picture that he came up with before the Belgians face off against Argentina.

Honestly, I didn’t really care who won the Belgium/Argentina game before. I might have slightly favored Argentina, but that’s only because Belgium just beat the U.S. in that heart breaker of a game on Tuesday and I still haven’t fully recovered (Tim Howard, for the record, you are the greatest goaltender of all time, my man). Now, though, with this picture being released, I almost feel like I have to root for Belgium, because any country that could up with something like this, something that is supposed to be intimidating, but in reality is just absolutely hilarious, deserves support in my opinion. Based on this alone, Belgians seem like pretty fantastic people.

No matter who you’re rooting, though, however, the match between Argentina and Belgium should be a great one. Belgium has won every single match they’ve played in the World Cup and have scored in clutch times, all of their goals coming in after the 70th minute of each game. And Argentina, well, Argentina has Messi, and honestly, that should be enough to intimidate any team.

We’ll have to see to see who win when the two teams meet up on Saturday.

Photo via @JEROOM

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