Beer Guy at Baseball Game Makes a Great Catch

Beer Guy

This story combines two of my favorite things in life: beer and baseball. At a game yesterday between the Oakland Athletics and the Detroit Tigers, a beer vendor in the stands made a pretty great catch on a foul ball. He didn’t use his hands or a glove, but instead, he caught the ball in the cooler of open cooler full of beer that he was carrying throughout the stands. Here’s hoping no bottles were broken when he was going to make the grab.

By making the catch, this beer guy ensured that he will be a ballpark celebrity from now on and also made his case for being one of the best vendors from any stadium or any sport out there. And I don’t know if he already has been yet, but I hope he gets featured on either Sports Center and Sports Nation at some point this week. Dude deserves it.

And furthermore, this is just yet another reason why baseball is my favorite sport. Not only do you get some fantastic, competitive action down on the filed, but you also get standout moments like this from the crow out in the stands, whether they are funny or awe-inspiring or just plain ridiculous. Seriously, though, baseball is the only sport that can have as many highlights from the game itself as it does from the people watching it, and I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that’s pretty great.

Here’s the video of the guy catching the ball. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Photo via Vine

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