Basketball Player Misses His First Dunk Then Dunks Again

Slam dunk

There’s that one saying, that one lesson, that every kid hears when they’re growing up: “If you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  Well, a basketball player named Iggy Wagner (not Iggy Azalea) from California took that lesson and literally applied it to his dunking during the East County All Star Game in El Cajon, CA. Wagner missed his first dunk, so held onto the ball and dunked again – that second time, it went in.

Unfortunately, while Wagner’s dunk was incredibly awesome, particular his determination to get it, the dunk itself did not count. However, everyone, even the referee who said that there was no score on the play, had to be impressed by the sheer strength of Wagner. The kid somehow possessed the ability to hang onto the rim for over five seconds (with only one hand!) while also catching his own rebound. And then, he slam dunks the ball back in again!

What I like most about this video, though, is just how much fun Wagner and his teammates, and even the other team he’s playing against, appear to be having. With so much rivalry and trash talking filling so much of our sports new today, it’s always refreshing to just watch kids be kids and see them enjoying the game for what it is – just a game. I know this video’s from an all-star game and that if this was an actual competitive match-up, the two teams might be butting heads a lot more, but for right now, I’ll take what I can get and this video has definitely been one of the highlights of my day.

Watch Wagner’s dunk for yourself below.

Photo via YouTube


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