Barbecue Explodes and Pig Runs Away on Same Canadian Street

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So what are the chances of this?  A barbecue explodes at a house in Canada and only a few moments later a real live pig runs down the same street. Now, some people may think that this was a valiant escape by Wilbur from the evil clutches of his cooks. However, the funniest thing about this situation is that the two events are totally unrelated.

The explosion happened around 7:30 a.m. Sunday on Hickling Trail in Barrie, which is a city in Central Ontario, Canada.  At the same time the explosion occurred, officers received a call about a rather large pig running down the street near the spot where the barbecue had exploded. Eventually, police managed to capture the pig and return the pet, whose name was Isabelle, to its owner.

I still can’t get over how ridiculous this entire news story is. It’s not so much the fact that a guy has a pet pig (my cousins actually own a pig, who is named Pooh, and she’s awesome). No, it’s just the timing of the two events, which could not have been more perfect if they had been pre-planned and orchestrated by the government, the Illuminati, or God himself. I would love to somehow calculate the actual chances of this happening, but one, I’m not too sure if that’s even possible to determine and two, math is hard.

Ultimately, I guess it was just fate that Isabelle would be running down the street at the same time that barbecue exploded. It was a perfectly timed pig protest – Isabelle was taking a stance against eating pork without even knowing it.

Photo by Joern Pollex/Getty Images

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