Baby Discovers He Has Eyebrows and Won’t Stop Raising Them

Baby Raises Eyebrows

Well, I think I can definitely say, without question, after watching this video that this little kid is going to grow up and get all the girls when he goes to high school. In this new hilarious video, that’s going on viral on YouTube right now, a 20-month-old baby named Leon discovers he has eyebrows and won’t stop raising them. It’s a hilarious video, made only funnier by the fact that Leon isn’t just making his parents (and most likely us) laugh hysterically – he’s also making himself laugh.

You can just tell from the video that Leon, as I said above, only 20 months old, already has some swagger and confidence. You can’t teach that. Leon, even as a baby, is totally Uncoached. That’s why I think the kid is going to be an absolute ladies man when he gets older. He’s just going to look at girls, give them that piercing stare that he gives the mirror in the video and then BAM – he’ll hit ’em with the eyebrows.

Speaking of when Leon gets older, this makes me wonder, in the day and age of these YouTube sensation kids, I wonder how they will all react when they become teenagers and people realize who they are. Is it something they’ll be proud of or happy with, or will they just disown their parents when they find out? Who knows?

One thing is for sure, though, this video is pretty spectacular, and is definitely one of the better YouTube videos I’ve seen recently (and with this job, I see A LOT). If I’m being really greedy, however, I will say that I secretly wanted Leon to take his eyebrow game one step further and give us a baby-version of the Rock’s “People’s Eyebrow.” How perfect would that have been?

Check out baby Leon and his expert eyebrow skills in the video below.

Photo via YouTube

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