The Argument Against Serena Williams Being One of the Greatest Athletes Ever

First off, let’s just put it out there, this seems a very sexist thing to say. Men and women are attempting to be equal in so many things nowadays that trying to separate them in any way is bound to spark controversy. It’s even worse when it comes to such venues as athletics because there is a very obvious divide. Serena Williams, hands down one of the best tennis players to ever step on a court, is still not bound to be lauded as one of the greatest athletes of all time simply because she is a woman. That might not seem right and in many cases it is not, but the hard and unforgiving, even lamentable, facts are that women athletes are often not as intense or as physical as their male counterparts.

Should you agree or disagree with this argument all sides are meant to be considered, but Serena Williams will likely go down in history with a title that she has earned but in the eyes of many will not deserve.

The massive physical difference between male and female athletes is a factor.

Women excel in their own sports, which are in many cases the exact same as men. The difference, and one that Williams herself has cited, is that men are far more physically imposing on average than women are. Their conditioning is different, their stature is different, and they are inherently stronger than women in many ways.

Williams has admitted how she believes she would perform against a male athlete.

There is nothing to take away from Serena’s game, which is sound, powerful, and without much in the way of fault on the women’s circuit. However she has openly admitted that were she to play against the men that defeat would be a very real possibility. She’s even gone on to say that the men hit harder, serve harder, and are a great deal faster than the women. Once again it comes down to different conditioning.

Men and women’s tennis is in fact a different game.

It’s the same sport, but the game changes with the conditioning of the players. When more strength and speed is added the velocity of the ball and the required response must come that much quicker. If women were subjected to the same conditioning as men it might be possible, but it is still likely that the bigger, faster, and stronger players will continue to dominate while the more cerebral players will have to pick their spots.

Despite John McEnroe’s fumbling statements, Williams is still gracious in her own manner.

Serena has climbed the mountain of women’s tennis and remained on top for quite some time. But she knows very well that if she were allowed to play on the men’s circuit that climbing that mountain might never happen. There are most definitely men that she would beat without question, but she has gone on to state that against opponents such as Andy Murray and others she would likely be taken out within ten minutes or so. She’s not shy about stating that she does in fact have limits.

Once again there is nothing to be taken from Serena Williams’ game, but lauding her as the best athlete in the world is short-sighted in terms of equality between men and women. There are in fact women that could possibly best men when put on level playing fields, but Serena Williams is not one of them.


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