In an Amazing Act of Sportsmanship, Japanese Fans Clean Stadium After Loss to Ivory Coast

Japanese Fans Watch Japan v Cote d'Ivoire - 2014 FIFA World Cup Game

This may be the classiest thing I’ve ever seen any group of fans do. Japanese fans stayed behind to clean their section of the stadium after Japan lost to Ivory Coast 2-1 on Saturday in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Didier Drogba and company defeated the Blue Samurais at the Arena Pernambuco in Recif, and after the match, Japanese spectators with bin liners went through and examined their side of the stadium and picked up any and all trash that they found. Fans from other countries were shocked and impressed with the Japanese fans’ behavior. However, it turns out that cleaning up trash after after a sporting event is customary in Japan.

I’m usually one of those types of people who believes that, for the most part, the customs and traditions of the United States are pretty stellar. However, when looking at Japan’s traditional behavior after games, I definitely think that this is a new type of tradition that America should start practicing. I’ve never seen something as selfless, classy, and kind as what the Japanese fans did after their team’s match on Saturday. Anytime I go to a Phillies game, it seems like it’s torture for people to pick up a wrapper from their cheese steaks or throw out their beer cups, and it always makes me shake my head. Why should we expect others to clean up after us? Yes, maintenance crews do specifically get paid to sweep and pick up trash after games at stadiums, but why do people feel so entitled to make these individuals’ jobs even more difficult?

I’m not asking or proposing that all Americans spend two extra hours cleaning up the stadium after any sporting event that they go to. However, next time you’re watching your favorite team and you see your crash on the ground, just do the simple, kind thing and pick it up.

Here are some photos of Japan’s fans cleaning up the trash on Saturday, courtesy of @WorIdCupProbs and @YahooSG on Twitter:

Japan Fans 2

Japan Fans 3

Featured image by Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images

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