9-Year-Old Jaden Newman is Being Recruited By the University of Miami

Jaden Newman

What do you think the youngest age has ever been for a college recruit? 15? 14? 13, maybe? How about nine years old? That’s how old basketball phenom Jaden Newman is, and she has just recently been sent a full recruiting package from the University of Miami.

Obviously, Newman is not your average nine-year-old basketball player. She is already playing at the high school level and isn’t simply participating during games but excelling. Right now, Newman averages 14.8 points and 7.5 assists as point guard at Downey Christian School. Simply put: she’s one of the best young basketball players in America.

Cam Smith of USA Today was the first to report that Newman was contacted by the University Miami, which boasts a Division I sports program.  Miami women’s basketball assistant coach, Derrick Gibbs, initially called Newman’s parents to first talk with them about their daughter’s future before beginning to actively recruit her. Newman has supposedly visited the University of Miami campus already as well.

Newman’s parents do not seem to be hesitant with placing their daughter in the spotlight. Before allowing Miami the opportunity to try to recruit her, Newman’s parents had her appear on the now-canceled Crowd Goes Wild on Fox Sports back in January. Newman competed in a dribbling contest with former NFL player Trevor Pryce.

According to Smith, even though she’s only nine years old, Newman already has her number one choice for college picked out: she wants to play basketball at UConn. If that truly is the case, maybe it’s a good thing for the University of Miami that they’ve begun to recruit Newman at such a young age. It’s incredibly tough to compete with the power and prestige of UConn’s program.

Check out these videos of Newman playing and be amazed. She’s not being over-hyped –  the girl is seriously that fantastic.

Photo via YouTube

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