80s Song That Makes You Feel Happy: “In a Big Country,” by Big Country


It’s one of those songs you’ll always here in a pub like atmosphere. It seems to come on when you’re having a good time with your friends. You hear it, know exactly what it is, and yet you probably never put it on your iPod or saved it anywhere. The song I’m talking about is “In a Big Country” by none other than Big Country. Pretty sure they could have gotten a little more creative with the name of the song but whatever.

To tell you the truth I’m actually a little disappointed in the official video because these guys couldn’t look any weaker if they tried. But what do you expect in a song that features bagpipes, Irish countryside and mopeds? Despite all of this, I think “Big Country” is an underrated song of the 8o’s. Dare I say one of the most underrated? Yeah I said it.  Anyway, here’s a video of them still looking pretty weak.

Anyway, enjoy it, and enjoy the rest of your day! Yay! Yahoo! Whoooo!

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