The 5 Most Depressing Rock Bands That Are Commercially Popular

There are plenty of depressing bands out there. In fact most music is based on some sort of frustration, depression or longing. However, if you really think about it, the bands that make it commercially don’t really have that much of a negative tone to them. Unless you count metal bands. But I contend that metal is way more angry than it is depressing. At least Metallica pumps you up. And the bottom line is, I’m not saying that the music of these bands is bad. In fact, most of it is excellent music. But wow it if doesn’t make you wish you had two giant tubs of ice cream and someone to cry with sometimes.

Here are five bands that are awfully depressing.

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Alice in Chains

I gotta say, I was always a big fan of Alice and Chains but have you noticed how much of their music is about suicide and overall negativity? Their music is more depressing from a lyrical standpoint than it is from an actual sound standpoint. Still though, check out some of the old school CD jackets for lyrics.  Pretty dark stuff.

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The Smiths

“How Soon is Now” is definitely their best known song.  And I gotta say, it’s pretty great. And overall, it’s not even that depressing sounding. However,  like Alice in Chains, The Smiths were more known for  their depressing lyrics. Check out Girlfriend in a Coma. And P.S. when the guitarist of Radiohead admits he idolized the Smiths in the 80’s, it’s gotta tell you something.

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Coldplay’s Slow Stuff

Arguably one of the most popular bands out right now, Coldplay is both popular commercially and in smaller circles. But man, I’m not gonna lie, every time I hear Chris Martin’s voice in a slow song I just want to get in a car and turn on the exhaust pipe. At least Bono is loud, fun, and powerful. If these guys are supposed to be the modern day U2 then let’s sound a little happier guys.

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The Cure

Seriously, I really don’t need to say much more than Robert Smith do I? I happen to love The Cure but if you listen to Disintegration, you might want to set aside 3 weeks to think about your life. So much pain, so much depression. Again though, solid music.  P.S. Robert Smith is one scary looking dude with or without the makeup.

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Maybe it’s the relating to all the pain in the world. Maybe it’s that Radiohead represents this cult, rebellious, “I hate my life” culture. I just don’t know why they’re so commercially appealing but these guys should be an Indy band. Nevertheless, I’ve never wanted to jump out of a window more than every time I hear a Radiohead song.

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