12-Year-Old Kid Steals Second Bus In Less than a Month

Driving the UM bus

Even though I know there a million more important things going on in the world right now (Ukraine, Russia, Gaza, etc.), this may still be some of the crazier news you read all day. A 12-year-old kid, who just stole a school bus back in June, has now stolen a second school bus in less than a month.

When I discussed this kid stealing a school bus last month, I said that it didn’t matter to me whether it was reckless or not, the fact that he was able to drive a bus as far as he did, with no training, all by himself, was pretty darn impressive. Now, though, with the kid doing it a second time, I don’t really think I can say anything too positive about it. It’s one thing to go for a joy ride once in your life, to just get the thrill of it all and say you’ve done, but to do it twice? Seems like this 12 year old might have a bit of grand theft auto problem.

After stealing the first bust last month, the boy was charged with a felony, and he was arrested again on Wednesday morning after being pulled over by police for driving erratically. The kid supposedly took his family’s car out for a joy ride but left it behind once he was a school bus at an elementary school that he could steal.

The 12 year old will be charged, for this most recent crime, with trespassing on school property, grand theft auto, and burglary of conveyance, and more than likely, will be expelled from school (which should really be a no-brainer in my opinion). According to the Parker Police Department, the kid, at this time, is being charged as a minor for stealing the bus, but the city attorney has stated that there is the possibility that he may be charged as an adult. And honestly, I’d say go ahead and charge him as an adult, because he apparently thinks he can drive like one.

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

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