12-Year-Old Kid Goes for a Joy Ride on a School Bus

New York City School Bus Drivers On Verge Of Strike

Well this has to be, hands down, the craziest story I’ve heard all week. A 12-year-old kid from Florida named Michael Wade Propst went for a joy ride on a school bus Tuesday morning. Police were notified after the bus Prospt was driving was seen awkwardly maneuvering its way through the Wal-Mart parking lot in Panama City by Wal-Mart employees.

“It was just odd the way they were driving it,” said Roy Hoover, one of those Wal-Mart employee. “He was having a hard time parking it, like he’d never drove one before.”

Propst originally told the cops that he had been asked to get gas by a man he called “Constantine,” but soon after telling the police that story, he recanted and admitted to have taken the bus out on a joy ride by himself. Propst originally stole the bus outside of a house in Parker, Florida and drove it all through Bay County until he was seen at the Wal-Mart. The keys to the bus had been left inside the vehicle by the driver.

When asked why he took the bus, Propst  gave no reason or motive for doing it. He has been charged with grand theft of an item worth more than $100,000 grand theft for a missing student recognition device worth about $2,000, and felony criminal mischief.

However, despite the danger that the could put himself in and the world of trouble that awaits him with these charges, you have to admire his driving skills. The Bay District School ’s chief security officer, Mike Jones, certainly does.

“You have to take a weeklong course to operate a bus like that,” Jones said. “Yet at 12 he was able to drive one, and he didn’t just take it around the block.”

Reckless or not, that makes the kid, at least in my eyes, pretty darn impressive.

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

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