102-Year Old Takes 180 MPH Ride At Indianapolis Speedway


I have this long-standing joke (sort of ) with my better half. If I get to an age where I can’t piss on my own then just give me a loaded shotgun and let me wander into the woods. I guess if I’m 102 and need to piss my pants I could always go for a 180 mph ride with Mario Andretti.

That’s just what 102-year old Edith Pittenger of Muncie did, only she didn’t piss her pants (we don’t think). From the report, we can bet she didn’t because the first thing she said when she was done going for a spin with Andretti was she was disappointed he couldn’t get it up over 180 mph.

Pittenger seems to be an elderly thrill seeker. This wasn’t the first time she’s taken a spin around the Indianapolis Speedway. She did it seven years ago for kicks at the age of 95. She recently celebrated her 100th birthday by going parasailing. So yes, Edith is showing up all those old heads who are bedridden and can’t even get up the stairs. She’s a pretty daring and amazing great great great…. grandma.

The best part of this story was Pittenger told reporters that she remembers driving in the 1920s when she was 12. I bet she wasn’t doing 180 then!

Image via New York Daily News

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