10 Shocking Concert Moments That I Wish I Could Have Seen Live

25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Concert - Night 2 - Show

Rock concerts are a fantastic way to see your favorite bands for who they really might be. When you hear them on your IPod, on the radio, see a video, or on a CD at home, 99% of the time the music and voices are altered by equipment to make it sound as good as it can. So when you get to see a band live, unless they are lip synching, you really get to see them for who they are. But it doesn’t just extend to the lyrics and instruments. Sometimes you get to witness some pretty amazing things by these guys. I for one, would have loved to have been at these concerts when some of these antics took place. Here are 10 that are definitely worth noting. Some you may know, but there are definitely a couple of new ones in there.

GG Allin Dropped a Deuce

He took a dump and pissed on stage.  OK that might not seem too insane.  But word is he rolled around on it and ate it.  Yes.  Committing self-injury, performing naked, taunting people to perform sexual acts with him, and committing violent actions toward the audience. He did this at virtually every show.

Ozzy Osbourne Eating a Bat

We’ve all heard the legend and sadly the legend is true.  Ozzy Osbourne ate a bat onstage.  He was also notorious for doing crazy stuff to chickens.  Is it fair to say he’s crazier now than those days?  Nope, it’s not.

Cradle of Thorns Lead Singer’s Girlfriend

(they were later called Videodrone) The Lead singer is talking before he starts a song and says “I’m going to have my girlfriend come up here and suck my **** while I sing the next song.” Then she did. Pretty impressive considering this wasn’t 42nd street.

The L7 Tampon Story

When L7 got pushed, the all-girl grunge band pushed back. The crowd at England’s 1992 Reading Festival learned this the hard way. During the band’s set, guitarist Donita Sparks got fed up with all the stuff fans were hurling onto the stage and retaliated by removing her tampon and throwing it into the crowd. Some (un)lucky fan walked away with one of the most unsanitary souvenirs in alt-rock history.

Rage Against the Machine plays naked

Actions spoke louder than words when Rage Against the Machine hit the stage in Philly during Lollapalooza ’93. Instead of playing music, the four band members stood on stage naked with duct tape over their mouths and the letters “PMRC” painted on their chests in a protest against censorship. For 15 minutes, the only sounds heard during the demonstration were guitar feedback and jeers from angry fans who actually wanted to see the band play something.

Marilyn Manson doing anything

Security guard Joshua Keasler will never forget the night he went, uh, head-to-head with Marilyn Manson. During his 2001 Ozzfest performance in Detroit, Manson rubbed his crotch on the guard’s head, which led to the rocker being sued for sexual assault and inflicting emotional distress. Manson was sued by a different security for the same offense one year earlier after a Minneapolis gig. Since then, he’s learned to keep his crotch to himself … we hope. There are definitely more Marilyn Manson stories but this one is pretty funny.

Fergie had an accident on Stage

Fergie brought new meaning to the term Black Eyed Pea. During a concert in San Diego, CA, the singer had a not-so- glamorous moment when she wet her pants on stage, mid song, in front of a packed club. Fergs told Scotland’s Daily Record, “I had a few drinks before going on stage, but I didn’t think to go to the bathroom. We were jumping around and my bladder just started you know …”

Pete Wentz Fight

During a gig in Albuquerque, NM, a security guard hired by the venue got into an argument with one of Fall Out Boy’s personal security members, and he and Pete Wentz went to blows. Pete reacted by dropping bass mid-song, jumping into the crowd and defending his friend … with his fists.

Akon’s Throw

When Akon invites you up on stage, just say no. At a concert in Poughkeepsie, NY, a fan threw an item at the stage, barely missing the R&B singer. Akon asked security to escort the 15-year-old offender onto the stage — just so he could pick him up and throw him back into the crowd

Jim Morrison Exposes himself

The Pioneer.  During a ’69 concert in Miami, he took his “freedom of expression” to new risque levels. “You didn’t come here for music, did you?” the visibly intoxicated Doors frontman asked his audience after several minutes of nonsensical rambling. “You want to see my ****, don’t you? That’s what you came for.” Morrison shockingly obliged

Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

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