10 of the World’s Most Legit UFO Sightings

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1997 РPhoenix, Arizona 

During the night on March 13, 1997, a Phoenix man named Tim Ley and his family witnessed a grouping of unusual lights in the sky, which apppeared to be coming towards them. The lights ended up flying directly over them, and being able to get a very good look at what the lights were, the family described the UFO as an enormous V-shaped craft, the length of several city blocks. While the U.S. Air Force stated that the lights were only just flares dropped during training exercises at a local air force base, that answer didn’t convince everyone – not even the Arizona Governor, Fife Symington, who said during a 2007 news conference, “”I’m a pilot and I know just about everything that flies. It was bigger than anything that I’ve ever seen.”

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