10 of the World’s Most Legit UFO Sightings

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1952 – Washington D.C.

On July 19, 1952, air traffic control at Washington National Airport witnessed seven unidentified objects on their radar screen, which were flying about 15 miles southwest of the D.C. Not long after this, air traffic control at another facility also said they could see the UFOs but that they were accompanied with “a bright orange light” that could be seen clearly through the window of their control tower. This “bright orange light” was also seen by an airman at Andrews Air Force Base.

Just as jet fighters from an air base in Delaware took off to confront the UFOs, the objects suddenly vanished, only to reappear after the fighters had run low on fuel and returned to base. Many people described the UFOs as “five flying saucers.”

Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

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