10 College Classes That Actually Existed

Universities Anticipate High Numbers Of Students

Whether you think so or not, college was a pretty easy place in life.  The majority of people who attend college are going there on their parents’ bill.  There’s virtually zero responsibility and we all know well over 50% of people wind up doing something career wise that has nothing to do with their majors.  I’m sure the number is higher but I don’t feel like doing the research.

So why not have a little fun in class?  Why not create some courses that are least entertaining?  Bottom line, you’re not gonna be using this stuff in the real world anyway, so you might as well be interested right? Well maybe I feel this way because I was a communications major which leads to absolutely nothing.  Or maybe it leads to writing sites like Uncoached.  I’m offering up a class on sitting home and writing ridiculous drivel for a living.  That I think people would pay for.

In any event, here are some real college classes I wish I could have taken back in my school days.

Grand Canyon – Tulane University

This is a course that actually existed when I went to college at Tulane.  Word is you go on a 2 week trip to the Grand Canyon and write a 15 page paper on it.  That’s it.  That’s the class.  You have to love college.

The Future is Lost: TV Series as Cultural Phenomenon – Tufts

A 13 week seminar on the show “Lost.” Topics include thematic complexity, mechanical complexity, literary references and philosophies. The course culminates with students pitching an idea for a television series to the rest of their classmates.

Maple Syrup: The Real Thing – Alfred University

This class covers every aspect of Maple Syrup from production to the products it makes.  Really?  An entire class?  This is incredible.

The Science of Harry Potter – Frostburg State University

Basically this is a class that asks if some of the things in Harry Potter could become real.  For example, if there really were an invisibility cloak, shouldn’t we know about it?

Magic Class – North Glasgow College

Teaching students how to create powerful magic using cards and coins, and psychological techniques such as predictions, mind-reading and telekinesis, which involves moving objects with the mind.  Also, how to get chicks at bars using magic tricks.

The Art of Walking – Centre College

Students not only read literature by noted perambulators like Kant and Nietzsche, but go for neighborhood strolls with their professor and his dog.

History of Ghosts and Ghost Hunting – Ventura Community College

Taught by a guy named Richard Senate.  Senate’s 40 students take no tests and are required to do little reading. They join him once a week for a two-hour class in which he lectures with the sober posture of a scholar who cares about his subject but maintains a proper academic distance.

The Circus – FSU

The Introductory Circus Class is an overview of all of the different parts of the FSU circus from flying trapeze to rigging.  There’s also a class called Circus Stunts at Triton College.

Bowling – Cosumnes River College

Bowling (PACT 320), is a co-ed physical education bowling class at the beginning and intermediate levels.” “I learned the etiquette of bowling,” said 21-year-old Quang Huynh, a general education major.  The class runs from at 2:00 p.m. to 4:40 p.m. on Tuesdays and 1:30 p.m. to 4:10 p.m. on Thursdays. Bowling for 2 hours?  Best. Class. Ever.

Whitewater Skills – West Virgina University

Whitewater skills is a West Virginia University course that teaches the basics of whitewater kayaking and rafting. Get your feet wet in techniques such as leaning, bracing, spinning, rolling and reading rapids. Rescue techniques, navigation and proper gear care are also covered.

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