The 10 Best Soccer Movies in History

Looking For Eric Photocall - 2009 Cannes Film Festival

Looking for Eric

Looking for EricĀ is both a harsh look at the gritty reality of how life can go wrong and also a fantastical escapist tale, which allows its main character the opportunity to speak to his favorite soccer player (after smoking marijuana, of course) and gain insight on how to improve his life from him. Eric Bishop is obsessed with Eric Cantona, who is about the only positive thing in his life at the moment, as he deals with his dead-end job, estranged ex-wife, and drug-addicted son. Bishop has no idea on how to make things better, until he smokes some of his son’s weed and suddenly starts to see Cantona, who gives him advice on how to make things better. And who could be a better advice giver on how to be awesome than the Manchester United legend (even though his hammy acting could use a little work)?

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