Sunny Leone Has Made a Successful Mainstream Shift

If the name Sunny Leone rings a bell that’s because it should.   Up until 2013 she was one of the biggest names in the adult film industry.   But I can honestly say that of all the former adult film stars to have crossed into the mainstream, Sunny Leone appears to have done it the most successfully.   She currently has an Instagram following of close to 8 million which is unheard of for an adult star.

She’s embraced her Canadian and Indian roots and now appears in mainstream Bollywood films.  And if you look at her Instagram account there isn’t a hint of anything remotely adult type stuff.  She has plenty of fitness videos and modeling shots, but nothing too risque.  If you were to visit that page for the first time you’d have absolutely no idea at her past.   If you knew who Sunny was before you’d know how beautiful she was.

She’s carried that beauty well beyond the adult industry and I for one think that’s a great thing.   Check out more pics of her below:

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