So What Do Dogs See When They Watch TV Anyway?

Have you ever looked at your dog, and wondered what exactly they were thinking about, or what they were feeling? This really isn’t a strange thought, as our dogs and other pets are often mysterious to us. We often catch ourselves trying to think of what they might actually understand when we talk to them, or what they think is going on when they look at the television or other media clips. If this question has been plaguing your mind, then we have just the video for you to watch. We have found a clip that helps us discover what our dogs and other pets might actually be seeing and thinking when they look at the TV. You can take a look at the clip for yourself posted below:

In any case, it seems as though the majority of dogs do have a tendency to like watching the television, just like you do; However, science is telling us that it might be because of different things, and can also depend on the breed of dog that you actually have. While there are many breeds that are more keen to watching and following movement, like herding dog breeds, they don’t often see the same things that we see on the television screen. Dogs, as the video states, are more in tune with the flickering and refreshing that the television screen does every so often, so to them, your favorite show that is playing looks more like a flip book. They also don’t tend to see colors as vibrantly as we do (as they only see in shades of blue and yellow), so our run of the mill TV screens, even those in high definition won’t look so appealing and beautiful to our pups.

Often more than not, our furry friends are more likely more intrigued by the noises and various sounds that are coming from the television screen, and may even be prone to barking and watching programs that have other animals in it, such as nature programming that you may turn on. Either way, it is always entertaining to watch your pooch sitting on the couch and enjoying a good television show.

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