She’s Uncoachable: Michelle Lewin is a Fitness Machine

Michelle Lewin is one of the biggest names in fitness today.  It’s no surprise given her enormous Instagram following of 9.6 million.  So what do we know about the Venezuelan 30 year old who stands at 5’4 and weighs 120 lbs?  Turns out she’s been modeling for a long time but what got her into fitness was the fact she had to stay healthy to model.  Once she started hitting the gym she became addicted which in turn morphed into an incredible career in fitness and modeling.    Once she started training a friend of hers told her to compete in a bikini competition.  She did, admitted she loved it on stage, and the rest is history.

Michelle admits that much of her motivation comes from looking in the mirror.  Personally if I looked like Michelle I might not ever take my eyes off the mirror, ever.   Michelle is a perfect blend of femininity, physique, and clearly sexuality.   It’s not a surprise she’s closing in on 10 million Instagram followers.   Now it’s time to put her in some movies, don’t you agree?

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