She’s Uncoachable: Jessica Burciaga Still Has It After all These Years


Yesterday I brought you some nostalgic photos of one Lucy Pinder.  At the age of 32 it appears that her modeling days might be over.  However, the biggest veteran of my posting pictures of women to website history, Jessica Burciaga, is now 33, and still going as strong as ever.   She was literally the first model I ever posted on any website ever.  In fact it was for a site that I now do not own called “Hottest Girls of Myspace.”  You might remember it.   I checked and the domain is now available.

In any event, what’s Burciaga been up to in the 9 years since I first posted her?  Just gettin’ with the times.  I think her career kind of took off when she finally agreed to pose for Playboy over 5 years ago and she hasn’t looked back.  The Jessica Burciaga Instagram account has amassed over 1.6 million followers and Jessie looks as good as ever.

It’s a pleasure to see you again Jessica.  At 33, I’d give her another 33 years.  She looks fantastic.










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