She’s Uncoachable: Anllela Sagra Takes Fitness to Whole New Level

There are Instagram fitness models and then there’s Colombian dynamo Anllela Sagra.   I personally think this female is on her own level when it comes to fitness.  As gifted as her body is by genetics you can clearly tell that this body is a work of art sculpted through countless hours at the gym.  Anllela’s been rewarded with 7.5 million followers and a solid career as model and fitness expert.   If there’s one thing that Anllela stresses it’s perseverance.   On her very own website she says this:

4 years ago I was under going my studies in fashion design, I would only model a few times during the week. I was extremely thin since a muscular body is not something desired in the modeling world. One day at the gym I met a trainer who would forever change my life, his knowledge and mentoring catalyzed the life style that I now live.

Perseverance, patience and dedication were everyday words that started to haunt my head because I wasn’t sure what I was doing but I started to feel more comfortable because of my incredible passion I began to know through social networks.

It’s crazy, because in less than a year I managed to reach 1 million followers in my social networks. Slowly I achieved things I never knew I could achieve. Grateful is a small word to express what I feel right now and the happiness it gives me every day to know I can do what I love is amazing.

Pretty impressive that it only took her a year to get 1 million followers.  Looks like sky’s the limit for Anllela.  Boy is that name hard to type!

More photos below:

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