She’s Uncoachable: Anella Miller is Russia’s Most Beautiful Student

There isn’t much known about Anella Miller out there but we’ve picked up a couple of facts.  We know that she’s Russian.  We know that she has 1.3 million followers on Instagram.   We also know that in Russia she attended Moscow State Pedagogical University where she was better known as Anyuta Chernova.  Obviously in her spare time between studies she must have been posting pictures that everyone in the world was paying attention to.

Can you even imagine this being your classmate while you’re in college?  It’s basically like going to school with a celebrity every day.  Actually no.  It’s like going to school with someone who you are picturing in your alone time at the dorms between classes all day.  Wow.   It’s hard to imagine a more attractive college student in the world than Anella Miller.

Hopefully her following on Instagram continues to grow and we hear more about the Russian Beauty.  In the meantime, these photos will have to do.


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