She’s Uncoachable: Alexis Ren is Just as Popular as All The Rest

All we hear about in the young modeling world are named like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.  And why shouldn’t we?  They’re in the news every five minutes for every single thing that they do.  But what about Alexis Ren?  This is a 20 year old Instagram sensation that for whatever reason you don’t hear about nearly as much.  Fortunately or unfortunately this doesn’t make too much sense.  Ren currently has nearly 8 million instagram followers.  Her posts get just as many likes as Hadid, and she’s also getting all the high profile modeling gigs.

Why someone who has more followers than Mariah Carey isn’t a bit more famous is a mystery to me but I’m here to say she’s gorgeous.  Ren used to be mostly blond but now that she’s switched to brunette I think she looks a lot like Jessica Alba and Sophia Bush which is never a bad thing.

Ren is currently launching a line of products with ColourPop and I’m guessing we’ll be seeing great things from her.  Remember, she’s only 20 so as long as she stays on the straight and narrow path (which is obviously really tough to do) she should have a long and fruitful career in the modeling world, and whatever other endeavors she pursues.  More pics below:

Photos via Instagram

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