Seth MacFarlane Promises to Donate $1 Million to Reading Rainbow

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We first informed you when Levar Burton had raised enough money Kickstarter to bring back Reading Rainbow, and now we have even better news to report. Family Guy and Ted creator Seth MacFarlane has promised to match up to $1 million of the money that people donate to to Reading Rainbow on Kickstarter from now until July 2nd at 3 pm. MacFarlane is doing this so that the new version of the program can be available to poorer, more underfunded classrooms without any additional charges.

Seth MacFarlane came aboard the fundraising campaign for Reading Rainbow after hearing that the program needed to raise at least $5 million so that these charges would not happen. There’s already been over $4 million pledged to the Reading Rainbow campaign by more than 83,000 individuals, as of yesterday afternoon.

Burton planned to use a portion of the initial $1 million raised by Kickstarter to provide a new, educator-specific version of Reading Rainbow to at least 1,500 classrooms of the neediest classrooms in the country. Now, with more donations (including MacFarlane’s), Burton will be able to make this version of Reading Rainbow available to at least another 6,000 classrooms.

I’m not going to lie, if you had told me a couple days ago that the guy behind Family Guy and Ted would have been interested in helping a cause like Reading Rainbow, I wouldn’t have believed you. Seth MacFarlane is really stepping up and doing a lot of good by encouraging more donations for the project and by donating himself. He’s definitely got my respect and support moving forward.

Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Budweiser

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