Real Shark Attack Videos That are Pretty Fascinating

Cage Diving With Great White Sharks In South Africa

I would imagine that most of you have heard the story by now.  It goes something like this.  A couple of diving enthusiasts off the coast of Mexico were observing shark activity from within one of those protective cages.  Well to make the long story short that cage wasn’t exactly as protective as they had hoped. A 15 foot great white shark slammed head first into the cage shattering it and almost shattering the divers.  Amazingly enough, this whole incident was caught on video and posted to Youtube the next day.  This happened about 5 years ago.

Personally I think sharks are amazing.  I feel like you’re either deathly afraid of these things or infatuated.  I fall in the latter category.  And in honor of these eating machines here are some awesome shark attack videos for your enjoyment.

Jumping out of the Water

Shark Attacks Diver in Chile

Discovery Channel Clip

South Africa Close Encounter

No Cage – This isn’t really an attack but it’s crazy

Compilation with very lame music

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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