NYC Cop Samantha Sepulveda Has Everyone’s Attention

Samantha Sepulveda is one of New York’s finest and in more ways than one.  The NYC cop who has been with the force since 2010 is drawing attention in more ways  than one these days.  The New York post got wind of her Instagram account which is packed with modeling pictures.   At 136,000 followers there are no signs of slowing down for Sepulveda.

Technically she’s not one of New York’s finest.  The Dominican born beauty works her shift on Long Island.   At only 5 feet 2, Sepulveda isn’t as tall as your average runway model, but her killer curves and arresting beauty is undeniable. Just ask some of the people she’s locked up.

“I talk men into handcuffs all the time because they don’t want to fight me,” she told the Post about the perks of being a total babe in blue.  With a female officer, their guard is lowered. There’s less aggression and the situation is defused.”

Check out more pics below:

Photos via SammySep

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