A Miley Cyrus Conversation Starts Bar Brawl in Illinois

Miley Cyrus Performs At The 02 Arena

I’ve heard about fights starting over sports teams. You’re in a bar in Boston and you’re wearing your New York Yankees hat, it’s going to start problems. While that may even seem a little far fetched, a fight over Miley Cyrus is unthinkable. Seriously, who cares enough about Miley Cyrus to fight?

According to reports, some patrons of a bar in Joliet, Illinois started a little altercation when one of the patrons brought up a conversation about Miley Cyrus. The brawl allegedly took place on Sunday night around 9 pm. The story is as hilarious as it is frightening. It starts off like a bad joke – three twenty-something guys walked into a bar talking about Miley Cyrus. Then they just started trouble by teasing a Mexican patron for his nationality.

The three twenty-somethings are being called the “Wrecking-Brawl’ crew because it wasn’t the only altercation they started that night. Apparently each altercation was somehow connected to Cyrus. Sounds very weird. Either way, the three of them were arrested than later released on their own recognizance.

The fight is going to cost them. A.) they’re going to be sued for the damages they caused to those harmed on their rampage and B.) they’re never going to be invited to a Miley Cyrus concert ever.  Awww shucks.

Photo by Simone Joyner/Getty Images

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