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Back when I was younger, I used to be a big skateboarding fan. I tried and failed to be good at it (I could Ollie and sort of do half a kick-flip, but that was the extent of my skill set). Ultimately, like most physically inept kids, I found myself gravitating toward video games to gratify my epic sports fantasies, and no games did I do that more in than the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. Ever since then, although I couldn’t tell you any specific skater from the next or who won what field in last year’s X-Games (they still do the X-Games, right?), I’ve always felt indebted to Tony Hawk because he made my childhood so awesome.

Fortunately, today on Reddit, Tony Hawk himself held an AMA with fans and some of the questions and Tony’s answers were pretty great. First, getting back to his video games series, one fan asked Tony if played as himself or if he ever created a skater to play with. Hawk’s response: “I always finish my games with my “pre-made” character so that I know all of ‘my’ special moves and I’m ready for any random challengers. So I play with myself, so to speak.” He later stated that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 was his favorite of the games.

Other highlights included Tony talking about how his dad was his biggest influence and supporter during his younger years of skating, how his favorite place to travel to is Japan (because he loves the food), and if he could be anybody else in the world, it would be Pharrell Williams because the “dude is a musical super genius. And ageless.”

The best moment of the whole AMA, however, came when Tony was asked by a fan about “Oli,” a skater from Seattle who had claimed to have beaten Tony Hawk in a skating contest back in the day, thus becoming a local legend. Hawk replied to the question by saying that “I don’t recall exactly. But if that’s his claim to fame, I don’t want to take it away from him. So yeah, he beat me… badly. I never recovered from that embarrassment.” And if that answer doesn’t make you like and respect Tony Hawk, I don’t what will.

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