Guy Performs Acapella Version of Super Mario Bros. 3 Theme

Super Mario Bros Video

With the popularity of movies like Pitch Perfect (which is getting a completely unnecessary sequel, by the way, if you hadn’t already heard) and new vocal groups hitting the internet with videos, acapella has become really “in” over the past year or so. And while I’ve seen a lot of different acapella performances throughout my life, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something that mashes up the music with video games like this. In the video below, a guy performs an acapella version of the theme to Super Mario Bros. 3 (with the game playing the background), and it’s a lot of fun to both watch and listen to.

There’s two things I love about this video. First, that it’s all one guy. The isn’t an acapella group or some band in this video. It’s just one bearded dude who apparently had enough time to sing each part of the song and layer his voice over itself, track by track. That’s pretty dang impressive for any song, let alone a video game theme like this.

The other part of this video that I just can’t get over is how this tough, long haired, dirty-looking guy with a beard straight out the Duck Dynasty cast is able to sing as high as he is. I mean, I’m sure there’s some definite use of auto-tune within this video (it’d be impossible for there not to be), but the guy’s pure talent to reach those higher notes and make those specific video game noises is very unique and not something I would have expected.

I wonder if this dude has posted any more acapella, video game-related videos. Personally, I’d love to see and hear him do some of the theme music from The Legend of Zelda games. Watch the video yourself below.

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