Gunn Narten Being Called the World’s Sexist Firefighter

When you see pictures of gorgeous firefighters whether they are male or female, 9 times out of 10 they are models.  But not Gunn Narten. Gunn is a 30 year old firefighter from Norway and she’s heating up Instagram with some nice photos both in firefighting action but also in a bikini and working out.  Norwegians are calling her the most attractive firefighter in the world, and it’s most certainly a valid argument.  Narten says she loves her job and she decided to become a firefighter at the age of 19.

Plus, and I think we’re forgetting how awesome this is, her name is Gunn.  You couldn’t ask for a cooler name for a real life firefighter than Gunn Narten.  It’s like to she was born to be both a firefighter and movie star at the same time.  Hopefully this window of fame can stretch out a lifetime for Narten.

One thing is for certain though: if she loves her job she won’t have any trouble finding work fighting fires.  Then again, she probably won’t have trouble finding work as a model either.  Check out more pics below:

Photos via Instagram

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