Game Downloads Bringing Vintage Classics Back to Life


Social media has taken the world by storm. Over the past decade, the rise of social media has surged. Facebook kick started a revolutionary trend among entrepreneurs. All of a sudden, channels to communicate online began springing up – twitter, snapchat, Instagram – they all managed to fill a gap in the market, a gap that companies like MSN and MySpace failed to do – innovate.

Since the outburst of social media, companies and businesses are able to reach thousands of existing and potential consumers. In 140 characters or less, businesses can gain leads and spread brand awareness. Companies can target audiences when boosting posts. Anything is possible on these platforms, and the developers are constantly updating and upgrading the functionality of these platforms.

Board game and game manufacturers have seen the success of social media as a means to boost sales of their games. Classic games such as PacMan, Super Mario Bros, Scrabble and Bingo can now be re-introduced online through these channels, reaching endless audiences of all demographics.

Social media is a user-friendly way for businesses to reach endless audiences. By having people retweeting, sharing posts, liking or following your brand, your company gains more and more exposure, which could result in a larger following and a larger consumer conversion rate.

These games can now be advertised on social media platforms, linking players directly to the online game, attracting millions more players who might not be playing the game otherwise. There is a domino effect that takes place when a social media post gains traction. Likes begin to pile up, comments begin to form, a discussion takes place and the best part of it all – it’s open to the entire world of the internet to participate in.

People can view adverts that are subtle enough that urge them to play online bingo games for money, or to try their hand at the upgraded Scrabble, Words With Friends.

Players for these online gaming sites may begin to range in age as a result, as these games attract people who grew up playing these physical board games, all the way to the younger generation who have no idea that Monopoly once used printed notes as cash.

These gaming manufacturing companies have managed to keep up with the times by creating digital versions of their games, that can be promoted through social media.

It’s no surprise that these game downloads are doing so well. These games are timeless, and now, thanks to social media, they will continue to be an everlasting form of entertainment for many years to come.

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Game Downloads Bringing Vintage Classics Back to Life
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