Five Reasons It’s Possible Tupac is Still Alive


One of the most speculated about deaths in history is the murder of Tupac Shakur back on September 13, 1996 in Las Vegas. In the almost 20 years since the tragic incident occurred, there have been countless theories about why Tupac is still alive. Some of them are far-fetched, while others make absolutely no sense at all. However, there a couple that have made us question what really happened the night of the shooting and even make us believe that, just may be, Tupac is still alive. While they most definitely are not definitive or indisputable, here are five why we think Tupac is still alive.


When Tupac was in prison, he read a lot of different books, and reportedly, in one of his interview, Tupac specifically mentions reading a book about Niccolo Machiavelli, who was an Italian strategist that suggested people fake their deaths in order to fool their enemies. Some people believe that Machiavelli faked his death and returned 18 years later to surprise his foes, and that Tupac will do the same, therefore returning at some point this year, 2014. Adding more fuel to the fire of this theory is the fact that Tupac changed his stage name to “Makaveli” shortly before he died.

Inconsistencies about how he arrived at the hospital 

There have been three different scenarios given for how Tupac arrived at the hospital, thus providing more validity to the speculations that Tupac is still alive. Some reports say that Tupac was rushed by an ambulance to the hospital, while  Suge Knight himself has stated in an interview that he took Tupac to the hospital himself. Adding even more confusion and doubt to the situation is that people were interviewed on the news during the time of the shooting and they said that Tupac was helicoptered out and taken to the hospital that way. While these conflicting reports may just be the result of some people wanting their 15 seconds of fame on the local news, they also could be holes in an elaborate cover-up.

Tupac as….Jesus?

On the cover of his 1996 album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, which Tupac completed in just seven days (writing and recording took three days, while mixing took an additional four), Tupac is seen as a Jesus-like figure, hanging on the cross. Many people took this as a sign that Tupac, like Jesus, would rise again or resurrect himself from his death. Furthermore, Tupac’s stage name “Makaveli” is written on the top of the album, only giving believers in this theory even more supposed evidence.

Celebrities have said that he is still alive

Suge Knight said in a 2012 interview that Tupac is still alive, along with others, including Treach (who was very close with  Tupac) and even Willow Smith, who supposedly wrote a letter to Tupac, saying that she knows that he isn’t dead. While Willow Smith may seem like someone with no credibility, keep in mind that her mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, had a very good relationship with Tupac before he was shot and killed.

People have said that they’ve seen him

This may be the flimsiest of the five very flimsy reasons on this list (even more flimsy than the Tupac as Jesus theory), but another simple reason why Tupac is still alive: people have reportedly seen him. In fact, over 1,000 people in Haiti reportedly saw Tupac just one week after his supposed “death.”

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