Five of the Most Awesome Guns from Movies

Guns are a part of life, particularly if you have ever been to the movies. You might be surprised to realize that there were 25 movie posters with guns in 2016 and an impressive 41 in 2017. There is certainly no slowing down in the interest in guns and violence. But this doesn’t mean that going to the movies will turn you into a violent killer, or does it? One thing is certain the movies show all sorts of guns. Whether you’re comparing rifles, sights or handguns you’ll find the right inspiration at the movies. Of course there are some guns that are truly awesome:

The Uzi

The Uzi has become an iconic gun capable of killing dozens of people in one go. It’s the one that every group of bad guys has. Bodyguards are also partial to an Uzi. But the good guy never starts the day with one of these, although he will certainly pick one up from a fallen villain.

Smith & Wesson 29 .44

This is Clint Eastwood’s gun when he played the iconic role of Dirty Harry. The sheer size of the gun and the power it represents has made it one of the most iconic and awesome guns from any movie! There are few people who won’t link the movie with this gun and know at least one of the immortal lines;

The Golden Gun

A gun made of gold designed to shoot just one bullet and which could be broken down into a fountain pen, cigarette lighter, cigarette case and a cuff link. In essence it’s the perfect assassin’s weapon. Its undetectable going through security, gives you enough shots to compete the job and looks fantastic. Of course this is a gun that belongs to a villain.

The Cricket

Fans of Men In Black ill instantly recognize the name of one of the smallest guns to ever grace the big screen. That didn’t stop it using alien technology to have the power to blast a meteorite size hole in buildings while propelling the shooter off their feet and into the wall behind them. It might be fictitious but it would be one heck of a weapon I real life!

The Mini Gun

No mention of the movies and gun would be complete without talking about a gun used by Arnold Schwarzenegger! The mini gun is electric powered and releases between 2,000 and 6,000 bullets per minute. The size of the gun is part of the reason only hero’s as powerful as Arnie can carry it. After all, the recoil must have been significant, especially when the jungle is being leveled in Predator! It is usually fixed to the side of vehicles and is an extremely effective and awesome weapon; not one that you will want to see yourself facing down the barrel of. Of course there are plenty more guns in the movies, many are traditional pistols but there are always the special few. In some cases it’s the guns that make the movies!

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