Old School 80s Nintendo Game of the Week: ‘Jaws’


‘Jaws’ for the original Nintendo Entertainment System was one of the most underrated games out there when you were a kid.  Yeah, the movie was one of the most epic films in the history of cinema, but the game doesn’t get any love and I just don’t get it. Think about it – the game had everything. Cruising around a beautiful ocean, classic Nintendo music, a nice yacht, sting rays, jelly fish, a submarine that was smaller than the actual guy, and of course the big man.

I must have played that game for days as a kid and only beat Jaws like once or twice. Even as a kid I remember being terrified when Jaws’ fin would pop up in the game. Unfortunately, whoever designed the game didn’t give anyone that much room to maneuver because 9 out of 10 times he would catch you. And when he did… you had to do your best to bomb the heck out of him. Let us now forget the beautiful bonus level in which you dropped bombs on some of the most beautiful synchronized swimming you will ever see via Jellyfish.

Ultimately, for its time Jaws was a great game that I thoroughly enjoyed. It whisked me away to a Tropical Paradise…

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