10 Unconventional Uses of the Cheetah Print

Cheetah Spoons


Here’s another cheetah print item I approve of. Even though they’re stuck in whatever that delicious looking pudding is, these cheetah printed spoons actually look very cool, especially if you could make them a set with forks and knives as well. Although having all your silverware be animal printed might be a little bit of an overkill, having some specially made forks, knives, and spoons actually seems like a really fun way to change up the average meal. Not to mention, similar to what I was saying about the cakes, if you have kids and get the silverware imprinted with a design of your kids’ favorite animal, that may be another way to try to get children to eat the meals (AKA vegetables) that they might not initially be interested in.

Photo via Grey Grey Designs

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