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Oct 06 2008

Why I Miss College: Because in 2006 It Would Have been Awesome to Be At this UF Championship Party

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UF National Championship

How do you not want to be there?

When the University of Florida took home the NCAA Hoops Championship back in 2006, I was working as a headhunter in NYC.  I wasn’t happy.  Hell even if I were a UF Alumni I’m not sure I’d have been happy.  Why?  Why do you say?

Simple.  Because I wouldn’t have been having nearly as much fun as the students here were having.  Am I bitter?  Of course I am.  Anyone who tells you that college isn’t the best four years of your life is wrong.   Either that or they were a complete dork in college. And going to a school that wins an NCAA Championship?

It gives you all kinds of freedoms.  As if you don’t have tons of freedom in college.  But you have even more so with a finals victory.   Certain partying limitations are lifted and amenities granted when the school is on a championship high.

Here are three examples after the break.

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Sep 18 2008

Why I Miss College: Because If I took a Roadtrip To Arizona I could Expect This

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Drunk Arizona

One of the things I miss most about college are the road trips.  They didn’t have to be the biggest road trips in the world.  Sometimes it was as little as heading down to Gulf Shores Alabama (I went to school in Louisiana).  And on occasions we’d trek eight hours to Georgia.

But if there was one thing that you know you’d wind up doing after you reached your destination, it was partying your ass off.  Why?  Because you drove all that way and you’ve only got 36 hours to make it count before you gotta go to class again.

And let me tell you, if I were to haul myself down to the University of Arizona, this chick and her boyfriend would be my ideal hosts.

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Sep 15 2008

Why I Miss College: Sorority Girls at ASU in 2005

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Kappa Kappa Gamma

I asked myself a few questions before making this entry. First off. Are these girls hot? The second question. Does it matter? Third question. How old am I? Last question. Am I happy?

The answers. Some are hot but most are average. It doesn’t even come close to mattering because I’m damned near 30 and the thought of any drunk college girl is appealing to me. And I am happy but would be a lot happier sharing a beer with one of these blonds.

Let’s see. In 2005 I was in a roach infested apartment struggling to pay rent. These girls? Partying in Arizona with the other Kappa’s in hopes that they might find some stick. What a world.

More of why I miss college after the jump

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Aug 22 2008

Why I Miss College: In 2006, The KA’s Had a Really Fun Party at ASU

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ASU Kappa Alpha

When I was back in college, fraternities mattered. We had our rivals and we always wound up getting into some kind of fight or scuffle at least once a week. But you know something? When I look back I realize that the parties we all threw had one common theme.

Party as hard as you can, for as long as you can, and for heaven’s sake having something to show for it the next day. And despite the fact that KA’s were a rival fraternity of mine, I can’t help appreciate the party these guys must have thrown back in 2006.

Let’s take a look

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Jul 29 2008

Why I Miss College: Because of FSU and Zeta Tau Alpha’s Sorority

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FSU Party

You see this folks? This is what it’s like when you get to go to a school like Florida State University. This is what it’s like to be that guy. That guy in this picture who was smart enough to realize that this was his one chance to party on a consistent basis with hot blonde sorority girls. Sure he looks like a toolbox but this guy is my kind of guy, and the ladies at Zeta Tau Alpha know what’s up.

FSU Party

Remember this men? Remember the out of control times? Remember how “easy” things were? The beauty of attending a school of mostly hot chicks is that it’s “easy” even with gorgeous girls. I mean what could have possibly went on that night? Where did these girls wake up? What stories did the guys tell the next day?

I miss this thoroughly. And I miss even more….

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Jul 21 2008

Ten Things I Miss Most About Being in a Fraternity

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Animal House

College is clearly one of, if not the best time in one’s life. And if you had the chance to join a fraternity, at least for me, it clearly accentuated that life to a very large extent.

Assuming you take out the homo erotic tendencies and relative abuse factor, I can honestly say (without sounding too corny) that joining a fraternity was one of the best decisions I ever made.

And here are ten reasons why…

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Jun 23 2008

Why I Miss College: Because of this Girl Lynette

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Maryland Dancer Lynette

I know nothing about this girl. I know that her name is Lynette. And I know that she was a senior at Maryland in the year 2005. I also know that by some of the descriptions in these pictures that she’s a dancer. Now I have no clue if she was a cheerleader.

Perhaps she took ballet. Perhaps she danced on a pole for a living. In all honesty I don’t think any of that really matters. What does matter is that this girl Lynette partied like an absolute rockstar back then. Lynette didn’t care about her consequences. Lynette didn’t care about doing splits or taking dry hump pictures that would be used for public entertainment three years later.

Lynette just cared about the moment. And those moments are what college is all about. Can you imagine seeing a chick in just her shorts practically doing splits in a public bar? Taking a beer bong in a public bar? Humping her friends in a public bar? Only one place these things happen: COLLEGE.

Check out how much things get out of hand after the jump

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Jun 09 2008

Why I Miss College: Because you Get to Party With Guys Like Greg Oden

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Greg Oden

As I read Greg Oden’s latest blog about being star struck from meeting Rihanna I was reminded about how awesome this guy is. The bottom line about Greg Oden is that he’s still a kid. He’s still in awe by people and hasn’t even come close to letting his celebrity status get to him.

And that’s what I loved about college. Athletes, no matter how famous they are, are still just the big guys on campus. You see them in the mess hall, you see them walking down the halls, and you certainly see them partying.

Oden was no exception. Can you imagine how much fun it must have been to party with Greg Oden? To just hang out with the guy and get funny with him? I’m sure there are plenty of amazing stories to be told and these pictures most certainly tell some of them.

Get Odenized after the jump (also a bonus shot of him playing guitar hero)

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Jun 03 2008

Being a Dork Sometimes Has its Perks: These are Real and Legitimately Hot Teachers

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Hot Teachers

I have to be honest in telling you all that I have absolutely no idea what country these people are from or what college they go to. What I do know is that it’s either in Cuba or Italy so that kind of narrows it down. This detail that I am leaving out is pretty meaningless. The point is this: When I stumbled across these pictures I saw the word “Professoresse.”

I then realized these photos were taken at some banquet with students and teachers. Whatever kind of nerdery these kids are running, and whatever kind of science experiments they have going, it was great of them to invent two extremely hot teachers to pose in these pictures.

If I knew I wasn’t going to get laid until at least 49 then I’d probably man up my brain so that I could invent hot chicks too. Way to go guys. Now you have hot pictures to show all your internet and gaming forum friends.

Weird Science…

Hot Teachers Hot Teachers Hot Teachers Hot Teachers Hot Teachers Hot Teachers

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May 14 2008

Why I Miss College: Because Every Guy Has a Shot

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Fraternity Party

We’re rooting for you buddy

I’ll never forget the conversation that Mikey and Trent had in the movie Swingers when Mikey mentions college. When referring to how he met his ex-girlfriend Mikey says to Trent “you didn’t go to college, you don’t know, it’s different, girls don’t know any better.”

The point being, at no other time in your life will you have a better shot at landing a very attractive girl than in college. Chances are you’ll also have that better chance if you are in a Fraternity.

Take these pictures from a KA party taken a few years ago as an example. I’m guessing these guys are having a hard time with the ladies today, but as you can clearly see, whether it was roofie induced or not, somebody got their rocks off that night.

Yay Jello Shots! Find out who may have hit it after the jump

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