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Dec 18 2008

Why I Miss College: Because the Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders Know How To Party

Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders

Many people think that the Oregon Ducks Cheerleaders are one of the hottest squads in the country.  I happen to agree with this statement.   When you look at their team, most are Blond, obviously have great bodies, but what differentiates this squad are the faces.  At least 75% of these girls are really good looking.  And that’s just a win win situation.

And after further review I’ve concluded that most of these girls are also doing college right.  That would mean a lot of work, and a lot of play.  Why don’t we check out a little behind the scenes with some of these girls shall we?

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Dec 15 2008

Why I Miss College: Because Southern Girls Rock

Houston Cheerleaders

Thanks to some help from my new favorite friend,I’m able to share yet more evidence as to why one would want to befriend the lovely ladies of a certain school in the south.

When they’re not doing splits and hoisting their pom poms in the air, these ladies more than make up for it with splits off the field, as well as “to be remembered” drinking habits.  And how nice, they like to record all of this.

So high school kids out there?  Get ready for college.


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Nov 24 2008

Why I Miss College: Because Girls Rarely Get Like This Anymore, And That Upsets Me

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Drunk Girls

Don’t get me wrong ladies, we guys probably get worse than this.  However, since this site is catered to males, and I really can do whatever the hell I want on here, survey says?  Yeah, post pictures of drunk chicks making guys wish they were in college again, thus starting off their weeks with a complete distaste for the corporate drudgery that is the real world.

Well, that’s assuming this site isn’t blocked from your work.  If it is blocked, then give me a friggin’ break will ya?  What the hell is this site blocked for anyway?  Our country is ridiculously censored.  I’m just putting up some good old fashioned fun here.

It’s not like this is Girls Gone Wild or PlayboyU for Christ’s sake.  OK I’m off on a bad tangent here.  Just enjoy these 20 photos of girls just being girls.

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Nov 20 2008

This is the Kind Of Passed Out You Probably Don’t Want To Be

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Passed Out

I could name a thousand things that I miss about college.  Clearly Tulane was one hell of a place to party and there are so many memories to share there I can’t even begin to find the words.   And if you were to ask me or 90% of the people attending college today what they miss about college most, drinking with friends or stories related to that would probably be pretty damned high on the list.

Speaking of those drunken times, one of many a college student’s favorite past times is picking on the friend that’s passed out.  I personally never found that amusing and think it’s kind of mean.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s funny.

And it doesn’t mean that I don’t find pictures of passed out people entertaining either.  So here is a lovely gallery of pictures of people who are the kind of passed out that you probably don’t want to be.

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Nov 17 2008

Are We Still Allowed to Post Halloween Pictures? OK Good, Because These Oklahoma Sooner Fans Deserve a Nod

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Sooners Halloween

For one thing, I don’t think Halloween pictures should ever get old.  Number two.  Neither will college party pictures.  And I have to say that these Oklahoma Sooner fans really knew how to dress for October 31st.  Especially this girl Lindsey Lauren Dill.

Lindsey, this is a message to you.  I hope that you go on to have an illustrious career in whatever endeavor you choose.  You are magnificently attractive and I am guessing you will land whatever job you wish.

My hope is that one day you will wear a T-Shirt that says “Uncoached” on it, take some great pictures, send them here, and let me post them.  I have you up here because A.  Someone sent me these pictures and B.  You and I have the same birthday.  Did you know we share it with Shaquille O’Neal?

On to the pictures

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Nov 11 2008

Why I Miss College: Because Little Random Colleges Like East Stroudsburg Party Just as Funny

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*Pictures removed at Request of student

This is no way knocking East Stroudsburg University.  In fact it’s doing the opposite.  But seriously.  Have any of you heard of this school?  Well unless you are from Pennsylvania, chance are that you have not.  But so what?  This is just another example of why college is college.

You can read that Florida State is one of the biggest party schools year after year.  One can argue that Arizona has the hottest chicks.  But you know something?  As long as you’re not at some vocational or religious college, chances are they party pretty damned hard at most schools.

And East Stroudsburg is no exception.  Looks like someone got a little freaky on Halloween.  And let us not forget to thank our star of the show, Allie for these pictures.

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Nov 06 2008

Why I Miss College: Because University of Arizona Lacrosse Girls Party on Halloween

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 Arizona Lacrosse Girls

I went out on Halloween this year.  Know what I did?  I had a great time in my apartment for about 3 hours.  Had some friends over, drank, listened to some good music.  And what happened after that? I was dragged to some stupid club only to sit there and wait on line knowing I wouldn’t get in. So after about 5 minutes of disgust I left, went home, and was pissed.

You see, that’s not college.  And that’s certainly not what appeared to happen at the University of Arizona.   With college, you know what you’re gonna get.  You’re gonna get goodness, and in many forms.  The form I speak of here?  Lacrosse Girls.

Lacrosse girls are always a sure bet, not just on Halloween but any day of the week.  Most are aggressive, can party like champs, and in this case, recorded it all for us.  Thanks girls!

Check out some of these Lacrosse ladies partying it up on Halloween after the jump

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Oct 29 2008

Someone Needed to Get Me a Ticket to This Glenmore 2008 Party

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Glenmore Party

Rarely will I post something without having some kind of reference to it.  But honestly I have no clue what the hell this Glenmore Party is.  All I know is that the one that took place in September of this Year of 2008 is something I really needed to be a part of.

From what I can gather, it seems that the party itself is some kind of college girl gathering where they dress up in lingerie.  I’m assuming they follow that up by putting on real clothes and going to a bar to get smashed.  This seems to be the party that any male would like to attend.

And normally I wouldn’t pay any mind to it.  However, these females happen to be particularly attractive.   So if anyone has any information on this Glenmore Party,  I would sincerely appreciate it.  In the meantime….

Pics from the Glenmore Party after the jump

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Oct 27 2008

Why I Miss College: Because Partying with These Ohio State Girls Would be Amazing

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Ohio State Fans

Looks like these fans had their own little tailgate

Unfortunately for Ohio State, the Buckeyes fell short to Paterno’s Lions on Saturday in what was a pretty uneventful game.  I for one am not into low scoring college games.  But it wasn’t the game that caught my attention.  It was these Ohio State fans.

You have to figure that the students had good reason to drink on that Saturday.  Afterall A. They’re in college and B.  They’re in college and days of the week are pretty irrelevant.  However, I’m wondering if these kids even made it to the game. The smart money says they never even made it to the tailgate.

And these are the pictures to prove it.

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Oct 17 2008

Why I Miss College: Because The Classes at Coastal Carolina University Seem Way Better

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Coastal Carolina

Personally I had never heard of Coastal Carolina University before today.  And frankly I’m disappointed that I didn’t.

Coastal Carolina University is a dynamic, public comprehensive liberal arts institution located in Conway, just minutes from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Coastal Carolina offers baccalaureate programs in 40 fields of study including acclaimed programs in marine science, resort tourism and professional golf management. Graduate programs include an MBA as well as master’s degrees in education and coastal marine and wetland studies.

In other words, students party all year on the beach, learn how to please tourists, and play golf.  Sounds like a plan to me.  But I think the attractive thing about the school are the classes one can take.

Let’s take a closer look

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