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Oct 07 2009

Natalin Avci Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Natalin Avci

I’m guessing that Natalin is going to be all over the internets this week.  She’s the apparent model girlfriend of Ron Artest and she’s quite attractive.  I’d like to thank Sir Traina over at Sports Illustrated for bringing her to our attention.

More attention girls at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Portfolio

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May 06 2009

Why I Miss College: Because Michigan State Cheerleading Gets Wild

Michigan State Cheerleaders

If I had the option to do college all over again I would probably make my selection based on which cheerleaders partied the hardest.  And why?  Well, wouldn’t you want to be able to leave college saying “remember that chick Ashley on TV?”  Yup, I was all up in that.

I mean the Al Bundy type stories are few and far between these days.  Sure I have many stories regarding my college experiences.  Hell, there are even a few to brag about.  But I never got a Green Wave girl.  However, when I was there I will say they weren’t all that hot.

In any event, Michigan State cheerleading certainly fits the criteria.  They are attractive, party hard, and I just feel like I’d get along with all of them.

Oh you’ll see what I mean

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Mar 30 2009

Why I Miss College: Because of The Best Body at Duke University

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Duke Best Body

I’d like to congratulate Jane on having what I believe to be the best body at Duke University.   And of course this makes me miss college.  Because many of the fellas at Duke who could never land a girl that looks like this in the real world, all have a decent shot next year.   And who knows who had a shot this year.

You see Jane is going to be graduating in 2012 which means she’s still young for Duke.  There are still nearly 3 years left for her to put on significant weight.  However, given her tan and penchant for partying with Duke basketball players, the smart money says this girl is going to stay in top form for a long time.

Jane, I just want to thank you for giving me another moment that gets me that much closer to suicide.  It’s pictures like these that are the building blocks to me having to either start an adult fraternity (which will inevitably fail) or a bar which I have no patience for.

Either way, I’m 30 now and just can’t do it anymore.  Good God, is life this bad?  After you see these pictures you might realize that yes, it is.

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Feb 23 2009

Athletes Are Just Like Us: UConn’s Gavin Edwards Gets After it With his Buddies

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Gavin Edwards

Standing 6 foot 9, averaging 11 minutes and dropping in 4 points a contest, forward Gavin Edwards!  Playing for the number one team in the nation must be a tough responsibility.  Although when you’re not the star of the team, I guess it leaves you time to pursue “other” interests.  Those interests are basically the same interests as any other college student.

Only those interests have to be pursued when you’re nearly a foot taller than everyone around you.  So when you’re passing out on beds, playing drinking games, or just taking pictures with large groups of girls, you tend to take up a bit more real estate.

Check out Gavin’s extracurricular activities after the jump

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Feb 17 2009

20 Awesome Hot College Girl Galleries To Get You Through the Day


It’s seriously almost better that you don’t see their faces.  I mean you’d more than likely forget anyone’s face after a night of partying in college.  At least that’s what I’d like to remember about the best four years I’ll ever have.  Did the girls even have to be hot?  No.  Do you get girls there that are 100 times hotter than you could get now?  Absolutely.

I remember this dude in my fraternity who dated an unbelievably hot girl and every single one of us was like “huh?”  And it was because the dude drank like a fish and just acted silly.  I mean that’s all it really takes.  OK I’m getting really pissed off and depressed her.

But I digress.  Let us appreciate all the goodness that is the hot college girl.  Let us embrace it.

Check out this lovely array of college girl galleries after the jump

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Feb 16 2009

Why I Miss College: It Looks Like Duke Lacrosse is Holding up Just Fine in the Party Department

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Duke Lacrosse

It feels like it’s been forever since the whole Duke Lacrosse ordeal.  And don’t get me wrong.  I feel bad for the kids that got involved with that mess.   However, I will say this.  For anyone to think that Lacrosse players don’t drink a hell of a lot and party their asses off, then you must surely be mistaken.

Put it this way, the story of the Duke Lacrosse incident ended in April of 2007.  So we’re nearing on 2 years now where we pretty much haven’t heard a thing on these boys (other than them still being a great Lacrosse team).  Well I’m here to do a little reporting myself.

It would appear that while no attention has been placed on the program’s “festivities,” they’ve been doing plenty of partying on mom, dad, and University’s bill.

Let’s take a look!

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Feb 12 2009

Why I Miss College: There’s Just Something About Those Kansas Cheerleaders

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There may not be many Kansas Jayhawks Cheerleaders, but what they lack in numbers they most certainly make up for in pretty smiles, wonderful bodies, and a strong partying spirit.  And when I say partying spirit I am referring to wearing very little clothing and going out until the hours that most people should be sleeping in.

In particular there are these two blonde girls that seem to go all out on not only Halloween but more than likely school nights as well.  You just gotta love the school spirit.

Don’t take my word, picture proof after the jump

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Feb 04 2009

Why I Miss College: Because This is The Kind of Stuff you Can Expect At Florida

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Florida Girls

Believe me, I don’t regret the choice I made back in 1997.  That choice was to attend Tulane University.  And I can honestly say without hesitation that it was the best time of my life.  And there will never be a better time of my life for as long as I live.  And I’m OK with that.

However, if there’s one other school I’d have chosen, it very well may be the University of Florida.  Well certainly in the last few years with their athletic program, it’s a logical choice.

But really, it’s this collection of pictures I have gathered from one particular student there that make this sentiment true.

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Jan 29 2009

Why I Miss College: Because Maybe I Could Have Partied With the Alabama Cheerleaders

Alabama Cheerleaders

For the record I didn’t go to Alabama.  But I would imagine a school with a rich sports tradition like that must have an awful lot of school spirit.  So it would come as no surprise that the dance team for the Tide would be a fine group of attractive girls.  And when they’re not practicing with their pom poms what are they left with?

Well,  they’re left with the same instincts as any other college student.  It means it’s time to go out.  It’s time to drink.  And it’s clearly time to take silly pictures of themselves so they can share them online with sites like Uncoached.

Don’t worry ladies.  None of these are too incriminating.  In fact, this article is merely a way for me to compliment you on your efforts.


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Dec 30 2008

Why I Miss College: Because the Oklahoma Sooners Cheerleaders Seem Like Fun Gals

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Sooners Cheerleaders

This isn’t a drunken orgy of a gallery.  It’s not some insane partying binge.  It’s just the cheerleaders of Oklahoma having a good time.  You know it’s fine to acknowledge that a group of young women just seem like fun girls.  And you know something?  I must hand it to the Sooner organization for upbringing such wonderful ladies.

Seriously guys, it’s wonderful that these girls can do cheers in bikinis, party with basketball players, and even make funny little positions on the ground.  I think it would be a total blast to relive these college years, and to relive them with Sooner Spirit.

Here’s a nice little gallery of the Sooner girls.

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