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Nov 20 2013

Wednesday’s Wash: Amazing Nature Photos, Wrongly Associated Iconic Symbols, and the British Royal Family

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Click on the pic for more amazing nature photos

Usually we’re so wrapped up in our lives of speed and technology that we rarely pause to see what’s around us.   The thing is, there’s so much out there in nature that we’ll never ever see because of our lifestyles.  At least we have these photos to gander at.

The Wash

Five iconic symbols you associate with the wrong country – [Cracked]

5 reason to keep the British Royal family – [The Smoking Jacket]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Crazy woman on a plane provides plenty of entertainment – [TC Mag]

Catalina Otalvaro is disturbingly attractive – [Heyman Hustle]

Danielly Silva should be on your radar – [COED]

Notorious last words from prisoners on death row – [Oddee]

Some of the most enchanting locations around the world – [The Chive]

Television’s guilty pleasure girls highlight my day – [Maxim]

Sports predictions that went hilariously wrong – [Bleacher Report]

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Nov 13 2013

Wednesday’s Wash: Extinct Famous TV Gags, A Serious Music Studio, and Desperate Teams

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Click on the photo for TV gags that won’t exist again

Writing shortcuts typically take the form of ancient jokes, first thought up when the world was young and used so many times that they crumble to ash as soon as they’re uttered. Many of them no longer even make sense, as they’re based on observational humor of things that can no longer be observed. Here, then, are six ancient gags the world has left behind.

The Wash

The music studio of Hans Zimmer is pretty sweet – [Nedhardy]

Desperate ways teams have tried to get fans in the door – [Bleacher Report]

When I need to get my sports fix on I’ll go here – [Yardbarker]

Sophie Turner is a force to be reckoned with – [Heyman Hustle]

People who were found dead years after their deaths – [Oddee]

Sarah Shahi never ceases to amaze me – [COED]

This dog might be the cutest sports fan ever – [Puppytoob]

These are the most underused sexting abbreviations – [Holytaco]

So far these are the best tailgating photos of 2013 – [Total Frat Move]

A bunch of hot girls wearing sporty stuff – [The Chive]

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Nov 06 2013

Wednesday’s Wash: Terrifying Harmless Groups, Old Photos, and Socially Acceptable Hatreds

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Click on the photo for seemingly harmless groups that are terrifying

Everyone knows a conspiracy theorist who, at the slightest provocation, will spout a stream about the secret organizations that control every minute aspect of our lives from the shadows. The sinister organizations making society dance like a puppet aren’t illuminati or freemasons — they’re boring, ordinary groups gone mad with power.

The Wash

A random collection of old photos that will interest you – [Nedhardy]

Five of the most socially acceptable hatreds – [Holytaco]

If I were a bachelor in Brazil I’d love to have this house – [Nimvo]

When I need to get my sports fix on I’ll go here – [Yardbarker]

The best movies with the fewest characters – [Maxim]

Songs that should be permanently retired from sports – [Bleacher Report]

Six of the craziest things you won’t believe are in the bible – [The Smoking Jacket]

This is the place to go to when you need to find a good rankings article – [Listgazette]

Eight people who were shamed into losing weight – [Oddee]

A collection of cool pictures to brighten your day – [Funtasticus]

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Oct 30 2013

Wednesday’s Wash: Hard to Believe Based on True Story Movies, Wrong Tech Predictions, and Awkward Sports Interviews

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Click on the photo for movies based on true stories that are hard to believe

When we see movies, we tend to take the phrase “based on a true story” with a healthy amount of skepticism, because a lot of them turn out to be complete bull. However, some movies are inspired by true events that are so unrealistic, the filmmakers don’t even bother telling us they actually happened, because we’d never believe them if they did

The Wash

24 technological predictions that were completely wrong – [Nedhardy]

Fifteen of the most awkward sports interviews ever – [Bleacher Report]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Ten bedrooms I kind of wish were mine – [Nimvo]

Road rage kind of hit its peak in this incident – [TC Mag]

Five of the best cars to get it on inside – [The Smoking Jacket]

Amazing hidden treasures found in recent decades – [Oddee]

Some of the classiest euphemisms for sex – [Holytaco]

There’s just something special about Jill Wagner – [Extramustard]

Girls that are in some seriously good shape – [The Chive]

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Oct 23 2013

Wednesday’s Wash: Actors who Hate Their Big Roles, Optical Illusion, and Athletes over 50

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Click on the photo for actors who hate their iconic roles

Most actors spend their entire lives waiting for that one role that will make them famous — most never find it, and that’s why we don’t have to carry our food ourselves in restaurants. But then there are some performers who finally get their lucky break, that magical part that they’ll forever be linked to … and they hate it.

The Wash

One of the coolest optical illusions you’ll see today – [Nedhardy]

A collection of the best athletes over the age of 50 – [Bleacher Report]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

If I need to get my hands on a good viral video I’ll go here – [Linkiest]

The world’s biggest babies to ever have been born – [Oddee]

A collection of cool pictures to get you through the day – [Funtasticus]

Police blotters to make you fear for your safety – [Holytaco]

Sara Sampaio is turning into one of my favorite models – [The Blemish]

Molly Morrison is going to make you remember her – [Extramustard]

Fourteen sandwiches that will change your life – [FHM]

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Oct 16 2013

Wednesday’s Wash: Funny Video Game Glitches, Cosplay Ladies, and Being ADHD

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Click on the photo for hilarious video game glitches

When a military computer makes an error, it can be catastrophic. When your Internet browser makes an error, it’s fucking annoying. But when a video game makes an error … well, that’s a completely different situation. Because let’s face it, the hilarious results can be even better than the game the developers were trying to create.

The Wash

A collection of 30 hot cosplay chicks – [TCMag]

For anyone wondering what it’s like to be ADHD – [Nedhardy]

Breaking Bad in hilarious comic form – [TVovermind]

Things in sports that are completely okay to hate – [Bleacher Report]

Five obscure facts you didn’t know about footballs – [Gunaxin]

Ten sexual maneuvers that never caught on – [Holytaco]

Nell McAndrew is a pretty hot actress and model – [Funtasticus]

The world’s most amazing real life Rapunzel’s – [Oddee]

Some of the best emerging hotties for 2014 – [COED]

50 ways to be the perfect college girlfriend – [Total Frat Move]

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Oct 09 2013

Wednesday’s Wash: Actors who Weren’t Acting, Faith the Dog, and 90s TV Show Tattoos

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Click on the photo for performances by actors who weren’t acting

Every once in a while you come across a performance in a movie that leaves you in awe of the star’s acting abilities and makes you wonder where they learned to perform like that, or what type of drugs they are on. In some cases, the answer is that they’re not really acting at all

The Wash

The amazing story of Faith the Dog – [Nedhardy]

15 of the nuttiest 90s TV show tattoos you didn’t know about – [TVOvermind]

Five solid tips on how to gain Instagram glory – [Buzzfeed]

A collection of awesome trick plays in sports – [Bleacher Report]

Tribute to Warner Brothers with their best films – [Gunaxin]

The time I got trapped in the bathroom – [Holytaco]

Daniela Freitas is ridiculously hot – [Heyman Hustle]

Eight of the most amazing adventurers in our history – [Oddee]

Why it’s not always worth it to get fast food – [The Chive]

Hottie Devin Brugman should be on your radar – [COED]

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Oct 02 2013

Wednesday’s Wash: Bizarre Creatures that Exist, Michael Bay Documentaries, and Life Hacks

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Click on the photo for more weird creatures that exist

You gotta think that God, science, evolution, whatever it is has a sick sense of humor sometimes.  Like those monkeys who have red butts?  I mean that’s just criminal don’t you think?  How could anyone or anything let that happen?  Be that as it may there’s some weird stuff out there.

The Wash

If Michael Bay directed heartwarming documentaries – [Cracked]

32 awesome life hacks to make your life easier – [Nedhardy]

Why you should be watching Cutthroat Kitchen – [TVovermind]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Athletes who are having more fun than you – [Bleacher Report]

It’s not fair how hot Bianca Beauchamp is – [The Smoking Jacket]

Ten of the coolest home offices – [Oddee]

Get the latest viral video suggestion over here – [Linkiest]

Check out the look of the thrill of outrage – [Holytaco]

If I’m looking for a new hottie of the week I stop by here – [Extramustard]

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Sep 25 2013

Wednesday’s Wash: Kids Who Could Beat Us Up, Survival Stories and Best of the Web

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Click on the photo for four kids that could take us in real life

While the song-and-dance is a great way to spend and afternoon and $65 (we weren’t kidding about not knowing how movies work, that’s probably right though), we decided to let reality be the real judge of which kids can and cannot beat us mercilessly until we throw up. These four kids easily made the cut.

The Wash

Survival stories almost too miraculous to be real – [Cracked]

When I need to see a great story I’ll go here to find it – [Listgazette]

I need to get away to the Maldives like right now – [Nimvo]

One of the most epic college welcome speeches of the year – [TC Mag]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

Five reasons that you need to play pica-pic – [The Smoking Jacket]

Some of the biggest bromances in sports right now – [Bleacher Report]

One of the most awesome indoor water parks in the world – [Funtasticus]

Check out the latest internet model of the day – [Bullz-Eye]

What the English premiere league is all about – [Extramustard]

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Sep 18 2013

Wednesday’s Wash: Today’s Weird Athletes, Myths about Illegal Drugs, and Abandoned Beauty

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Click on the photo for weird facts about today’s athletes

We watch their games, read their tweets, pore over their stats, keep up with all the latest gossip; we think we know all there is to know about today’s sports stars. But juicy and strange little tidbits of information that once surfaced, have sunk back down deep into the obscurest regions of the cyber swamp.

The Wash

Five myths about illegal drugs you’ll probably believe – [Cracked]

The most beautiful abandoned places in the world – [Nedhardy]

Five of the most forgotten Nintendo gems – [The Smoking Jacket]

Camila Morais is one model I do thoroughly enjoy – [Funtasticus]

When I need to get my sports fix on I go here – [Yardbarker]

The stories behind famous celebrity mugshots – [Celebritytoob]

They got some seriously weird stories on here – [TC Mag]

If I need a viral video to check out I’ll go here – [Linkiest]

Some of the most awkward hairstyles for a photo – [Oddee]

Five of the saddest doctors of all time – [Holytaco]

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