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Mar 07 2012

Some of the Worst Failed Wedding Proposals

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I’ll never forget the day I proposed to my wife.   I’ll also never forget asking permission from her father to do the deed.   And while I planned that day to a tee;  probably so much so that the woman knew I was going to pop the question, I’m pretty sure that at no point did I think she was going to say no.

And if she had, I can tell  I’d have been awfully stunned.   And it’s that tiny chance of being stunned that should prevent any guy from moronically proposing in a public place and being embarrassed.

I mean either know the girl is going to say yes or don’t bother guys.   Here are five examples of guys who really should have known better.

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Feb 23 2012

Five Epic Fights at Disney World

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As you might have been aware, Disney World got some free press this week.  However, it wasn’t of the good kind.   Some drunk guy caused a major fuss at the theme park and was excessively pepper sprayed.

The video has been all over the internet and people have been debating this all week.   Frankly yeah, I think the amount of spray was quite obscene but who the hell knows what this guy was doing.  Nevertheless it’s been interesting.

So I decided to see if there were other fights at Disney caught on tape.  Thankfully not too many but here are five that are notable….

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Feb 06 2012

Budweiser Goes Nike On Us with Their Big Game Commercial

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Often times when we see commercials for Budweiser they tend to be funny.   As in in the case of the Superbowl yesterday, they seemed technological and even “futuristic” with their Platinum bottle concept.

But I have to say that rarely do I see Budweiser commercials that take on an inspirational feel.   This one did just that.   And that is why I wanted to share it with you all.

I guess I’m feeling emotional but the whole concept of sharing a great experience with your friends has gotten to me.  And Budweiser tastefully throws in that while you’re at it, share a Bud.

Nicely done.

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Jan 08 2012

Eight Year Old Who Can Land a 720

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Whenever you’re feeling like you can’t do anything, like you’re not motivated or just an all around lazy piece of crap, watch this video and you’ll probably feel worse.   Yeah, this kid is 8.

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Dec 18 2011

Talent Shows in India are Way More Badass Than Ours

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I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen the judges of American Idol have reactions like these judges, and rightfully so.   Man these guys are boss.

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Dec 11 2011

Kenny Brooks is the Best Door to Door Salesman Ever

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I’ve never really experienced a door to door salesman firsthand but I have to say that If I ever get the chance to I want Kenny Brooks coming to my house.   This guy is absolutely amazing.

Dude should definitely have his own show.

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Dec 04 2011

A Pet Trick You Won’t See on Letterman

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Admit it, this is funny.   The dude starts off with the normal run of the mill stuff and at the end throws in a twist that you kind of have to grin at.   Eh, whatever you’re all getting ready to watch football anyway

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Dec 02 2011

This is Why the Internet Was Invented

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If you think that the internet was invented so we could all communicate better and do business faster and such, you are wrong. It is for videos like this, where a dog can have a human body and be hilarious.

It’s a funny short clip that I’m still scratching my head about five minutes later. You just have to see it for yourself.

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Dec 01 2011

Rest In Peace Patrice O’Neal

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Patrice O’Neal was a pretty hilarious stand-up comedian that died this week. He was a great guy, and many of you might remember him from his Comedy Central special that you can see above.

It’s a good clip that represents the kind of comic he was, and I’m sure he’s doing stand-up in heaven right about now, opening for George Carlin.

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Nov 30 2011

A Truly Amazing Frisbee Catch

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I’m not sure how many tries this took, but I will say I hope they had a lot of gas in that speedboat.

All this effort went into creating the world’s greatest frisbee catch, a sport not generally known for its crazy awesomeness, but it’s definitely quite cool here. The only thing that would have made it better? If it was a dog jumping out of that boat instead.

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