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Jul 11 2010

I Wish I Could Say This Was Fake

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I’ve never been to Uganda and I’m quite certain this video has decreased the odds considerably.  I mean there’s being against homosexuality and then there’s getting into gruesome horrid detail about their sexual practices.

These guys are about as hardcore as I could possible imagine.  Yikes.

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Jul 04 2010

Now This is How a CEO Should Interview

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gotta love Yahoo!  They don’t take any shit from anyone.  And since it’s July 4th.  Hell yeah America!  Free speech.  Woo hoo!

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Jun 27 2010

This is One Freaky Cat

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I’m not the biggest fan of cats in the first place and I’m sure if I were then this video would be kind of cool.  But since I’m completely weirded out by cats this video is somewhat repulsive.

However, I decided to put it on this site because well, how often do you really see a cat doing this?

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Jun 20 2010

A Good Reason Not To Live in Oklahoma

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This is amateur footage shot from inside the safety (hopefully) of a building shows the damage done by the tornado that swept through the town of Norman, Oklahoma from inside the twister itself. As many as ten tornadoes were reported in Oklahoma. Yet another reason NOT to live in Oklahoma.

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May 30 2010

Your WTF Video of the Week: Illegal Drugs

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Don’t ask.  I have no idea.  I will never have an idea.  This is absolutely worthless.

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May 16 2010

Unbelievable Magic Trick to Brighten Your Day

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One of my favorite things to watch is a great magic trick.   I don’t get caught up with getting frustrated at not understanding how the guy does the trick.  I just let it be and enjoy it for what it is.

But damnet if I don’t say “how the hell did he do that?” after this particular trick.  This thing is awesome.

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May 09 2010

Mr. Bean In The Toilet

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When I look back on Mr. Bean I still can’t figure out whether it’s intended for children or adults.   Granted I definitely laughed at this show as a kid and don’t know should be my answer but you just never know.

I mean Brits probably laugh their asses off at this. Still though, it’s pretty damned childish.

Eh, it’s worth a laugh on a Sunday morning.

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May 08 2010

“Michael Poked Me Online”

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You guys hear of the new Kin yet?  Not sure about you but this video is one “different” way of introducing it.   I almost feel like I’m watching To Catch a Predator here but in reality it’s just two nice people who like to “poke” each other.  Jesus can this get any more sexually undertoned?  Honestly I don’t think it’s possible.

Hey, hats off to Microsoft here…I guess.  It’s tough to target the young men out there.  Personally if our main actress were wearing a bikini the whole time this would be way more enticing.

Still though.  Get out there and buy a Kin!

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May 02 2010

A Fight I’m so Glad I’ll Never Be In

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Gay men fight in Chicago Public Aid office, that about sums it up.  Turn down the volume.

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Apr 25 2010

This is Kind of Cool: Sandra Bullock Speaks German

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is a rare clip of Sandra Bullock winning an award in Germany (Bambi Awards) and her speech is all in fluent, very good German. Very interesting and cool.  Wow, maybe she’s into weird German things.  Her stock just went way up.

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