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Aug 14 2008

Uncoached Moments: Rocky Vs. Thunderlips in Rocky III

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Remember how awesome this was? This is during the time when Stallone and Hogan were breaking out to the big time. The year was 1982. Hogan was still a bad guy in pro wrestling, 2 years removed from taking on Iron Sheik to start the most historical wrestling career ever.

Where was Stallone? Only becoming one of the hottest action stars on the planet. Between Rocky and Rambo, it was tough to top Sylvester. Plus, they both looked kind of normal then.

Fast forward 26 years later and you now have Stallone with more veins in his body than a 90 year old woman’s spider veined thighs playing John Rambo at 60, and Hogan rubbing oil up his daughter’s crack. Man how they fall.

“In the flesh baby!”

Stallone Hogan

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Jul 23 2008

Uncoached Moment: Knicks Draft Frederic Weis, Gallinari Could Be Next

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News out of Knicks camp is scaring us all.

“The Knicks ended the Las Vegas summer-league yesterday the way they came in – unsure if 19-year-old rookie Danilo Gallinari will contribute this season.”

And who does this remind us of? “And with the 15th pick in the NBA Draft, the New York Knicks Select…..Frederic Weiss!” I can just hear Stern saying it and wish he’d have said Ron Artest.


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Jul 18 2008

Uncoached Moment: Amendment to the Van Damme Post Yesterday

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The guys at Gorilla Mask sent me this video as a reminder of the true gayest act of Van Damme’s career.

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Jul 15 2008

Uncoached Moment: Alex Trebek Drunk Outtakes

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This came out about a year ago so for those of you who have seen this, great. I personally caught my first glimpse this morning and it I think it’s amazing. His funny accent coupled with being tipsy, plus me hearing Trebek use the phrases “f&ck” and “son of a bitch,” were pretty legendary.

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Jun 27 2008

Uncoached Moment: The Birth of Elizabeth Berkley’s Career

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I dare you not to laugh when you see this. Such a classic.

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Jun 26 2008

Uncoached Memories: I Just Find it Funny That This Used to Be O.J.

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Ever think about that? I mean O.J. Simpson was Nordberg in Naked Gun!! He was the guy in all the Hertz commercials. To this day, ever since that trial, and ever since knowing that the man is a completely sickening person, I find it uncomfortably funny and sad watching these moments.

Sometimes it’s just too strange. Nordberg!

And the guy is still on the streets. Amazing. Simply amazing.

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Jun 24 2008

Uncoached Moment – Go Daddy Commercial From Superbowl XXXIX

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First off, awesome. Second off, Candice Michelle. This commercial was definitely the start of something good.

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Jun 23 2008

Uncoached Moment: Fax Machine Scene in Office Space

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To my recollection this is one of the first movies that truly parodied gangster music in an unbelievably funny way. I really think this scene is pure genius.

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Jun 17 2008

Uncoached Moment: He will Always Be Costanza….Always

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I don’t care what Jason Alexander does. As far as I’m concerned this guy will always be George Costanza. Even back in the 80′s and singing for McDonald’s he still had some George in him. Priceless.

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Jun 13 2008

Uncoached Moment – Ricky the Dragon Steamboat vs. Randy “Macho” Man Savage

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You guys have 20 minutes to kill? This fight is considered by many to be the best wrestling match in the history of the WWF. Not sure what brought it on in my head but the commentary by Jesse “The Body” Ventura is phenomenal.

Appearances by George “The Animal” Steele and of course the hottie Queen Elizabeth. I’m not 100% sure but as a kid I think I might have cried during this match.

It’s so long that Youtube had to split it into two parts. Enjoy.

Again, I can’t quantify it enough. Jesse Ventura’s commentary is amazing.

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