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May 22 2008

Uncoached Business Idea Part II – Extreme Auto/Motorcyle Girls (But Really just hired Strippers in Slutty Gear)

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Extreme Car Girls

Man oh man, remember the girl on the right?

You folks may remember an article I posted entitled “Full Time Bikini Car Wash.” As it turns out, and if you saw the set by Gymstar, you’ll understand that this one particular black haired girl had that special something (that something being the ability to get soaking wet and sprawled out on a car in front of tons of dudes).

As recently as yesterday more photos were released and not only is the black hair girl in them, she’s part of a team that simply says “Extreme” on all of their shirts.

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May 12 2008

Uncoached Business Ideas: Volleypalooza (Model Volleyball Tournament)

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Has anyone ever heard of Volleypalooza? This is incredible. Volleypalooza is an annual volleyball tournament taking place in Miami that features over 350 fashion models from around the world digging it out in the sand.

There’s live music, a DJ, and the best part about this event? It’s Free. I didn’t fully believe it until I saw the 2007 Brochure.

No word on a 2008 Volleypalooza yet but I’ll be sure to alert you all.

In the meantime, enjoy some 2007 Photos after the jump.

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Apr 15 2008

Uncoached Business Ideas – Celebrity Roller Derby

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Roller Derby

I recently read an article that spoke about the growing popularity of Roller Derby in the UK. It goes on to say “In a game where short skirts and fishnets make up the official team strip it comes as no surprise that these women have a rapidly growing fan base.”

While I think this sentiment is true, there are a few reasons why, although the “sport” is gaining popularity, Roller Derby isn’t what it can be. Yes it’s fun to watch women knock each other around but A. The women aren’t attractive enough and B. There’s no incentive to watch them.

Enter “Celebrity Roller Derby.”

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Apr 11 2008

Uncoached Business Ideas – Boring Inc, Subway Stewardesses

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Subway Stewardess

This guy is pumped to ride the subway now

“In response to MTA fair hikes and a lack of improved services members of Boring Inc. have taken it upon themselves to become “MTA Service Specialists” and improve customer service on subways in New York” reports Indymedia.

Has anyone actually seen these women? I live in New York and take the Subway every so often but apparently these women are rolling around Grand Central? Incredible.

This is far and away the best idea New York City has had in a long while. I’m only 10 blocks from my job but fuck it, I’ll pay the two bucks to follow those tushies around.

Subway Stewardesses Subway Stewardesses Subway Stewardesses Subway Stewardesses Subway Stewardesses Subway Stewardess

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Apr 02 2008

Uncoached Business Idea – Full Time Bikini Car Wash

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Bikini Car Wash

Look at these guys! You think they give a rats ass whether or not their car gets clean?

I’ve scoured the internet searching far and wide for a full time Bikini Car Wash and I’ve come up with almost nothing. Here’s one article about girls that did it in the summer and a craigslist ad.. I did manage to find a movie called “The Bikini Car Wash Company.”

Are you telling me that guys wouldn’t shell out an extra five bucks to have their cars waxed, oiled, and rigorously scrubbed by women who are wearing barely anything and soaked in suds? Um. Yeah.

If anyone opens one of these, I want full partnership. 20 bucks extra and you get a lube job in the back. If anyone DOES find one, please let me know and I’ll take a rental car there to get it washed.

Full Credit to Gymstar for these pictures. (Some are topless in his Photoset so be careful)

Bikini Car Wash Bikini Car Wash Bikini Car Wash Bikini Car Wash Bikini Car Wash Bikini Car Wash

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